Candela Peña told in a promotional interview for the second season of



she was told that her character was in the series to "distribute the thriller" and that is what she does.

It is a way of saying that the series of the Coira brothers is a good series of all life.

A series that does not want to invent anything, but to do well something that has already been invented.

Although, on television, the Canary Island where the Candela series takes place was yet to be invented


"The Candela series" is something that not even the actress herself imagined.

Although she is alone there delivering thriller, her charisma and her talent anchor us to that story of corruption and hiding in a very peculiar place.

In the second season of


, more choral than the first,

as in so many westerns, "new people arrive



And it mounts.

And Candela has to eat the browns, while distributing thriller left and right.




is named after the actress who plays her.

So the "Candela returns" thing comes out alone.

That non-change of the first name is a good decision: La Peña is one of those actresses who are always them and always others.

Now that he has also claimed to

be a fiery

creature on television sets (ALL his interventions in La Resistencia are iconic),

his exceptional acting work is more evident


Theirs in


is not easy: the series is hers but the core is not always her.

Candela, the judge, withdraws when she has to leave;

Candela, the actress, too.

Pepe and Jorge Coira have achieved with their help something very difficult:

a series with a clear personality but the ability to like everyone.

It is another suspicious town thriller (and there are hundreds) and at the same time a fiction that we do not imagine happening in another place or starring another Candela.

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