The newspaper "L'Équipe" has not given up sending dozens of journalists to the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer.

At the microphone of Europe 1, the deputy editor, Jean-Philippe Leclaire, details the strategy of the newspaper, which is different from that of other international media, such as the BBC.

Will the Tokyo Olympics, already postponed for a year, take place next summer, despite the Covid-19?

Everyone is wondering, especially since the Olympic flame is due to leave on March 25 from the prefecture of Fukushima.

The subject, which obviously preoccupies organizers and athletes, also concerns the media around the world.

Among these media, there is the French newspaper



Guest of Frédéric Taddéï on Europe 1, Sunday, Jean-Philippe Leclaire, deputy editor, detailed the special and constrained device of the only French sports daily for these Olympics.


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A "strangeness" better described on the spot?

"A priori, we will be 35 in Tokyo and for the moment, we are still leaving," explains the journalist from


, cautiously given the unpredictability of the epidemic.

"But the instructions are drastic. For us, the Olympic Games should be the airport-the Olympic venues-the airport. There will be no possibility of going into central Tokyo, nor of taking the public transport It won't be the big universal celebration it usually is, with tourists and sportsmen everywhere We are always told that the Olympics will be held, but rather it would be Games in a bell or in a bubble. "


We can fear that these Tokyo Games will further accentuate this notion of Games made for TV


A bubble that the French media, shaken by a long strike in January, preferred to integrate, unlike some foreign media.

So is the BBC, a British media with international influence.

“Most of them will stay in Manchester to comment on the Tokyo Games. Us, that is not the choice that we made. It will be strange Games, but it will still be Games to describe. strangeness is better described on site than our offices ", defends Jean-Philippe Leclaire.


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"Postcard" games

One thing is certain: if the Games take place, like the sporting competitions of many countries organized behind closed doors for several months, they will above all be designed for television.

“This is already a trend in the last Olympic Games,” assures the deputy editorial director of



"More and more, the Games are postcard Games, with magnificent landscapes. We can fear that these Tokyo Games, if they take place, will further accentuate this notion of Games made for TV, more than for people. who make the effort to move. "