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In an essay devoted to Fellini, one of his masters, Martin Scorsese sought to explain how the use of algorithms by platforms had a devastating effect on the seventh art.

For the director, the problem simply arises.

"If your next viewing is 'suggested' by algorithms on the basis of what you've already seen, and the suggestions themselves are based solely on subject or gender, then what is that? made for the art of cinema?

», He questioned during this reflection published by

Harper's Magazine


In addition, for the father of

Taxi Driver



, this deleterious process was made possible by the semantic shift of a term that has become king in the digital age: that of content.

A battle lost in advance

“No more than 15 years ago the term 'content' was used when people were serious about cinema, and it was used in contrast and opposition to 'form'.

And then, gradually, it was used more and more by people who took control of the media who, for the most part, knew nothing about the history of this art form or were not even interested in it. enough to think they should know her, ”added the director of

The Irishman


In short, Martin Scorsese's observation is clear: the film industry, which has now become the “mass visual entertainment industry”, loses all critical force by ceasing to question the culture that gives it life.

And if the veteran of the 7th art seems well aware of walking against the direction of the wind, resistance remains, according to him, possible by preserving, enhancing and opposing what cinema has been to what it is no longer.


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