In the thousands of miles of ice-covered Wulungu Lake in Fuhai, Xinjiang, local fishermen braved the icy wind in the early morning to dig ice holes, cut nets, pierce poles, and route lines, and arrange large nets for thousands of meters under the ice.

With the roar of the netting machine, the thousand-meter net was pulled out of the ice, and the wild fish species in the lake also jumped out of the ice with the fishing net. The scene was very spectacular.

In the process of fish out, fishermen will gather small fish into the lake in time to release them, "catch the big and release the small" to ensure the continuous growth of wild fish species in the lake.

Fishing with large nets on the ice in winter is a traditional fishing method in Ulungu Lake. During winter fishing, the ice layer on the lake can reach more than 1 meter thick, and the thickness of the snow can reach 30 centimeters. fish".

Photo by Liu Xin

Release time: 2021-02-19 13:43:04 【Editor: Zhai Lu】