Due to the impact of the earthquake that observed seismic intensity 6 upper in Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures on the 13th of this month, it is no longer possible to drive between Nasushiobara station and Ichinoseki station on the Tohoku Shinkansen, but JR East will be on all lines from the 24th of this month. Announced plans to resume operation.

According to JR East, along the lines of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures, 20 utility poles supporting the overhead wire were broken or bent, and 10 viaduct poles were damaged, making it impossible to operate. As a result, JR East is in a hurry to restore it.

JR East is the day after the earthquake, as it is to resume operations in the whole line had announced the prospect that it takes around 10 days, was just the prospect of such restoration work and safety check, resume the operation in the whole line from 24 days I announced the schedule.

Prior to this, the operation is scheduled to resume between Sendai Station and Ichinoseki Station from the 22nd.

According to JR East, the number of Shinkansen trains will be about two-thirds for about one month after resumption, and the time required from Tokyo Station to Sendai Station and Morioka Station will be about one hour because the train will operate at a slower speed. It means that it will be longer.

In addition, we will continue to operate special trains on the Joban Line and increase the number of buses to secure traffic to Sendai and other areas.

In addition, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have announced that they will continue to operate extra flights and increase the size of the aircraft until the 27th of this month.