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The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford / AstraZeneca has an efficacy of 76% after the first injection, while

it rises to 82% after a second inoculated dose after an interval of "12 weeks",

according to a study revealed this Friday. published by The Lancet.

In contrast, the preliminary results of a trial carried out by the University of Oxford among 17,178 subjects indicated that the efficacy of this antigen preparation is 55% when the aforementioned interval is six weeks.

"This suggests that the interval between doses can be safely extended to three months, given the protection offered by a single dose, which would allow countries to vaccinate a larger proportion of the population more quickly," the authors explain in a statement.

This work also includes

updated estimates regarding the overall efficacy of the



in asymptomatic patients, and concludes that it is effective after the administration of both doses.

The chief researcher of the Oxford vaccine team, Andrew Pollard, recalled that, given that the supply of vaccines "will surely be limited", at least in the "short term", the authorities will have to decide which immunization schedule they will follow to achieve " maximum benefit on public health ".

"When supplies are tight,

the decision to vaccinate more people with a single dose first can immediately offer more protection to the population

, rather than vaccinating half of the people with two doses," Pollard said.

In the long term, he added, the second dose should guarantee "long-lasting immunity" and, therefore, they have encouraged all those who have received the first dose to "make sure that they receive both doses."

The study highlights that other vaccines developed to combat Ebola, malaria or flu, for example, also offer more protection and boost immune responses when there are "long intervals" between doses.

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