The Fair Trade Commission has ordered a surcharge of more than 6 million yen, saying that an aviation fuel supplier headquartered in Tokyo has pressured its business partners not to purchase fuel from new entrants.

The order to pay the surcharge was received by "Minami Airport Service," an aviation fuel supplier headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

According to the Fair Trade Commission, "Mainami Airport Service" monopolized the sale of aviation fuel at Yao Airport in Osaka, but since a new entrant has appeared, the airlines of our business partners have been operating since December 2016. He pressured more than 200 companies to stop providing fuel if they purchased from other suppliers, and asked them to use their own fuel.

The Fair Trade Commission conducted an on-site inspection in May 2018, and issued a cease and desist order in July last year to prevent recurrence.

And on the 19th, I issued an order to pay a surcharge of 6.12 million yen.

The act of excluding competitors from the market or interfering with new entrants like this time is called "exclusion type private monopoly" and has been subject to the surcharge payment order since 2010.

This is the first time that a surcharge payment order has been issued since becoming a target.

Minami Airport Service said, "We thought that the fact-finding and judgment of the cease and desist order was incorrect, and in January we filed a proceeding against the Tokyo District Court to revoke the order. The same applies to this order. I think there is an error in the judgment. "