While the author of the webtoon ``Goddess Advent'' (real name Kim Na-young, 30) confessed to the existence of a child, saying that he is a single mom, the cheering comments left by his boyfriend Jeon Jeon-wook (34) are attracting attention.

On the 16th, the meow writer confessed to the existence of the child by revealing a photo of the back holding his son's hand through his SNS on the 16th, saying, "I have a child who is more precious than life, who does not hurt even if I put it in my eyes."

Next, the meow writer said, "I valued my life and kept it, and I still keep it."

Cheering comments poured out on the writer's confession, and among them was writer Jeon Jeon-wook, her boyfriend.

The former author expressed his affection for his girlfriend by leaving a comment saying, "I'm really very, very cool! I'm on the side of Nayoung until the end."

The meow writer and writer Jeon Jeon are a public couple in the webtoon world. Each of the popular webtoons'Goddess Advent' and'Free Draw' were serialized. The two posted their dating photos on social media last year to inform them of their dating. Since then, they have been showing their affection for each other honestly through'Rup Stargram' and continuing their pretty love.

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(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)