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  • Skam France

     offers a seventh season in an optimistic universe where the global pandemic has not profoundly changed our lifestyles.

  • Déborah Hassoun and Shirley Monsarrat wanted to include more lightness in the scenario.

  • The gap is widening between the daily life of the fans and that of the characters of Skam ”.

In season 7 of


currently broadcast on France TV Slash, the Covid-19 is mentioned only once.

When Tiffany says to her mother in episode 2, "How do you want me to keep moving forward if you lock me up like I have the Covid."

In this fiction, the characters do not face the global pandemic - at least not like us.

If our daily life revolves around the health crisis and the isolation and psychological distress of young people become a public health problem, the characters of


, for their part, evolve in a parallel, privileged reality.

"We made the choice of the next world"

Season 6 had been written and shot long before the Covid-19 epidemic.

Released in full containment last spring, the series began to detach itself from a reality it had not been able to anticipate, endangering this ability to be a hyperrealistic fiction, broadcast in fictional real time to offer a series mirror of the real life of high school students.

“We lose this relevance that we were very happy with in season 5, which started on December 31, and was stuck with reality.

I hope that people will still appreciate… ”, worried Nils Rahou, the collection director for seasons 3 to 6 in the columns of 

20 Minutes


The new director of the collection, Déborah Hassoun, made the bet of an optimistic fiction and of "a world where the Covid existed, but where it does not exist as we know it today", explains -it at

20 minutes


And to specify the motivations of his choice: “During the shooting, we did not know where we would be during the broadcast.

We made the choice of the next world.

There was no question of seeing the masked characters.

Everyone is saturated with today's world.

By turning on their TV, viewers want to see the world as it was or will be.


A breath of comedy in drama

"We also wanted to bring comedy all the more in this rather dark period that we are going through," says director Shirley Monsarrat.

“The idea is to have complicated, difficult subjects, but at the height of adolescence, so with a certain lightness, moments of joy and group.

We had that with the Gang and the Crew, especially with the Mif.

Before, there were a bit of boys on one side, girls on the other, we wanted a very mixed group, mixed, more LGBT too, with a relationship to the world that is not the same .

They went through difficult things but it's a group where you know how to make fun of yourself, ”explains Déborah Hassoun.

Characters with more complex psychologies, self-mockery, scenes of touching friendships and adolescent laughter… The seventh season of


offers, with finesse, more resilient characters, who face the problems they encounter differently, with a greater maturity that makes the mark. share good humor and solidarity.

Finally, they too appear changed, both serious and full of hope.

Last spring,

20 Minutes

had questioned fans of the series who had agreed to say that the series, far from the health crisis, offered them a breath of fresh air.

But what about after these many months?


Skam cheer

you up or on the contrary weigh you down by reminding you of everything you can no longer do?

Do you happen to be jealous of the characters in the series because of their activities (without curfew, without successive confinements and threat of contamination)?

Did you prefer


before, when it was really realistic, or now?

Season 7 deals with a serious theme (denial of pregnancy), do the touches of humor make it easier to tackle in your opinion?

Do you find the self-deprecation and resilience of the heroes of MiFID inspiring or out of step with your own daily life?

Give us your opinion in the form below!


"Skam": "For Tiffany, we should not go where the fans want us to go", says Déborah Hassoun


“Skam France”: “Our objective was to create a universe between drama and comedy”, explains director Shirley Monsarrat

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