A man enters his apartment and disappears without a trace

A man completely disappeared in mysterious circumstances after entering his apartment, as surveillance cameras detected the man entering his apartment while he did not leave it at all, and he did not appear in the lenses of the cameras installed near his home, and he was not found, according to Russian media.

The man's family sought the help of a private investigator to uncover the mystery of this mysterious disappearance, and the police searched and examined his apartment, but did not find anything suspicious, while its door was closed.

The man’s relatives testified that he was acting strangely before he disappeared, and wrote suspicious posts on his Facebook account in which he talked about escaping to the mountains, complaining that he was “unsafe”.

He also mentioned that the man had not been doing any work in recent years and was suffering from depression, while his neighbors described him as being very generous.

The man previously talked about his meeting several years ago with a vagrant, passionate about magic work, and in their opinion the vagrant is the "key" to the mystery of this mysterious disappearance.