[New Year Chronicle] Spring Festival in Wuhan community: prevention and control are not relaxed. This Spring Festival is different

  [Explanation] During the Spring Festival, with red lanterns, Chinese knots, New Year couplets and other "Chinese Red" elements, the major communities in Wuhan are joyous and warm.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year on February 13, according to the requirements of the Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control, the community only retained one pedestrian import and export.

Residents returning from purchases and people visiting relatives and friends entered one after another, and the infrared thermal imaging thermometer made an announcement.

  [Concurrent] Wan Jingjing, Secretary of the Party Branch and Community Director of Qingjiang Jincheng Community, Zhangjiawan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan

  That is, our current epidemic prevention and control is mainly a combination of online and offline methods. Usually, it is gate guard, publicity board, and import and export. We will post relevant publicity notices and related policy documents.

Online words are through the official account, WeChat group, and then let our sinking party members, the housekeeper of the property, and then let our own grid members, widely in the group several times a day, rolling out (epidemic prevention and control) related information .

  [Explanation] In Wuhan Qingjiang Jincheng Community, volunteers will update and archive the data of returning to Han.

This year's Spring Festival advocates not to gather, and the community has established an account for happy events.

Cleaner Lan Caixia is from Yingcheng, Hubei. This year, she chose to stay at her post and celebrate the New Year on the spot.

In the residential area, she held a watering can to kill key parts such as the public hall, elevator buttons, and door handles of the building.

  [Concurrent] Lan Caixia, a cleaner at Jincheng Community, Qingjiang, Wuhan

  He will stick to his post without returning to his hometown for the New Year.

The family is here anyway (didn't go back), anyway, it's pretty happy, it's pretty lively anyway.

  [Concurrent] Wan Jingjing, Secretary of the Party Branch and Community Director of Qingjiang Jincheng Community, Zhangjiawan Street, Hongshan District, Wuhan

  Public areas are killed every day, such as the entrance hall, door handles, elevator buttons, etc., are all killed in time every day.

  [Explanation] In order to let residents who have not returned home for the New Year experience the strong New Year flavor, Dongting community staff fried meatballs in the community square and gave them to the residents for free.

While feeling the taste of the year, the prevention and control of the community epidemic has not slackened.

Residents spontaneously become the "gatekeepers" of the community, guarding the lights of thousands of houses every day, so that everyone can rest assured for the New Year.

This year, 72-year-old community volunteer Li Qiutang presented his own anti-epidemic spring festival couplets to the community. He said that the results of the Wuhan epidemic were not easy to come by. The new year is grateful and full of confidence.

  [Concurrent] Community volunteer Li Qiutang

  We usually write Spring Festival couplets, we are more festive, we sing the good life and so on.

But this Spring Festival couplet is when we defeated the epidemic, it is a kind of heartfelt feeling.

  [Explanation] It is understood that during the Spring Festival holiday, Wuhan will issue 2 million free admission tickets to the "new Wuhan people" who will stay in Han for the Chinese New Year. Public venues such as libraries, museums, parks, and stadiums in the province are subject to epidemic prevention measures. , Guarantee opening hours.

  [Explanation] In the 2020 epidemic prevention and control battle, more than 600,000 volunteers in Hubei participated in the prevention and control of the community (village) epidemic situation.

The “Volunteer Reds” active in major communities in Wuhan brought a touch of warmth to the cities suffering from the haze of the epidemic.

One year later, during the Spring Festival, the "Volunteer Red" and "China Red" reunite, and the citizens of Wuhan warm their hearts and feel at ease during the New Year.

  [Concurrent] Qin Haiyan, a community volunteer

  When the Spring Festival is here, we are all happy in our hearts and have solar terms.

Let everyone feel that the Spring Festival in 2021 is different. Even if there is an epidemic, we still have the celebration of the Spring Festival in our hearts.

  Reporter Zheng Ziyan reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Editor in charge: [Yuechuan]