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Selena Gomez would have had a hard time recording the tracks of


, her new EP sung in Spanish, without Zoom's help.

Indeed, the pop star has scrupulously respected health measures since the start of the pandemic and preferred to work at home rather than taking the risk of going to the studio.

And while one might think that the process was laborious, everything went wonderfully.

“The project went very quickly and naturally.

As for the process, we actually recorded almost the entire EP on Zoom because of the Covid, ”the singer explained in an episode of

Vevo Footnotes


An unexpected collaboration

In addition, Selena Gomez was pleased to have been able to collaborate with Venezuelan-American artist Elena Rose for this EP of which she is very proud.

“She's an incredible author who I think really understands my heart and what I wanted to say in this project,” she said.


is scheduled for release on March 12 and the single

De Una Vez

, released on January 14, is already a hit.



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