National People's Congress pushes Internet celebrity cheese dumplings to increase "knowledge"

Students from Renmin University of China tasted characteristic beef dumplings in the cafeteria

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  In response to the call for "Chinese New Year in situ", this year, the number of people staying at Renmin University of China will be five times that of previous years.

In order to make students “at school” like “at home”, the school also launched the Fu Niu Lunar New Year package during the Spring Festival, including beef and cheese dumplings, beef celery dumplings, beef potato cheese dumplings, beef carrot dumplings, beef sauerkraut dumplings and five beef fillings. Dumplings.

Among them, beef, potato and cheese dumplings are the main promotion this year, and they have become the most popular "net celebrities" among students.

  On New Year’s Eve, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily came to Renmin University of China.

Hao Long, the chef of the noodles in the East District Canteen, went to the market early in the morning to purchase the freshest beef. In addition, Hao Long also prepared fried pepper oil and soaked scallion and ginger water, and combined these with salt and pepper. Add it to the meat and stir. Finally, add the diced potatoes and cheese sticks.

Hao Long emphasized that the filling also needs to follow one direction in order to mix the auxiliary ingredients and the filling more evenly. The meat filling can be squeezed into the shape of meatballs and then the filling can be started.

  At five o'clock in the evening, the students walked into the canteen one after another, and the dumplings were also cooked. After a while, plates of hot dumplings were brought up.

"It's like wrapping a whole pizza inside and taking a bite. Not only can you see the drawing, but you can also eat the thick soup. It's great!" said a classmate who had the first plate of beef, potato and cheese dumplings.

  Why did you launch such a "net celebrity" dumpling during the Spring Festival?

Song Dawo, general manager of the Logistics Group of Renmin University of China, told reporters from Beijing Youth Daily that the inspiration came from the canteen. The canteen deliberately added cheese to it, which is a homonym for knowledge. This year coincides with the Year of the Ox. I hope students will eat this. After dumplings, you can gain more "knowledge" in the Year of the Ox.

  In 2018, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily visited the canteen of the National People's Congress and wrote about how the NPC "Internet celebrity dish" is made?

"In recent years, the school’s cafeteria has successively launched a number of "net celebrity dishes", which has increased from more than a dozen when the reporter reported to more than 30. The NPC cafeteria has also become a veritable "other people's home" canteen".

  Text/Reporter Liu Jing

  Photographer/Reporter Yuan Yi