The Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine, which collided with a cargo ship off the coast of Kochi Prefecture, left the sea near Kochi Port, where it was anchored, and headed for Kobe Port on the morning of the 13th.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force is planning to conduct a more detailed investigation at Kobe Port.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine "Soryu" collided with the cargo ship "Ocean Artemis" on the 8th of this month, about 50 km southeast of Cape Ashizuri in Kochi Prefecture.

The submarine has been moored near Kochi Port since the night of the accident, and has been investigated by the 5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.

Then, around 7 am on the 13th, I left the sea near Kochi Port.

In the investigation so far, it has been confirmed that one of the "steels" called "submarine" is bent, and the part called "sail" that stores the periscope and antenna is damaged, but it is self-made. It means that navigation is possible.

According to the Maritime Self-Defense Force, the submarine will enter Kobe Port on the 14th for further investigation by the Self-Defense Forces.