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"And our Friday meeting" Tout Sexiquer ".

In this episode, we evoke the buttocks.

Convex, square, drop of oil, flat, large, dappled, flabby, we do not see them very well, we use mirrors to see them ... The buttocks.

The specificity of humans, the buttocks are perhaps the most subversive part of your anatomy.

"The motherland, the honor, the

freedom, there is nothing: the universe revolves around a pair of buttocks ”said Jean-Paul Sartre.

The posterior, object of study at the crossroads of disciplines

Watched, celebrated, sexualized, hated, modified, the buttocks are an object of study at the crossroads of anthropology, the history of art, the history of aesthetic codes, eroticism, sociology, North relations. -South, the economy.

From the buttocks of statues of Greek heroes, to the arched posterior of Brigitte Bardot or the video game heroine Lara Croft through the butt of Michel Polnareff or the model Baptiste Giabiconi, the subject is wide.

Thus, two guests are needed in this episode: The philosopher Dominique Paquet, body specialist, whose latest work is 

Les grands texts de la beauté

(French Fashion Institute, 2020) and the plastic surgeon Jacques Ohana, who publishes

La diagonale of the body

(Recherches-Midi, 29 euros).

Telescoping of aesthetic standards

What do the buttocks represent in humans?

What place for the behind in the history of art?

What divergent aesthetic standards in southern and northern Europe in the Middle Ages?

What telescoping of divergent beauty codes today between the North and countries of South America and Africa, as sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann underlines in

La guerre des fesses


What evolution of buttocks modification techniques introduced by surgery?

For what purposes?

What are the risks in these operations?

These are some of the questions for this interview.

To listen to Dominique Paquet and Jacques Ohana, it's as easy as clicking in the audio player above.


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