A pig farm (illustration).


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L214 persists and signs: the association for the defense of animals reiterated Wednesday its accusations of mistreatment targeting a pig farm in the Allier.

The latter had however been deemed compliant by the prefecture following a new check.

Supporting video as it does regularly, L214 denounces "numerous violations of the regulations" in this breeding located in Limoise which supplies the Herta brand: systematic cutting of tails, untreated injured animals, lack of water, etc.


Nothing has changed!

In 2020, # L214 had broadcast images of a pig farm "preference" @Herta_France.

Despite our overwhelming revelations, an inspection of the veterinary services concluded that there were no major non-conformities.

But who is lying?


- L214 ethics & animals (@ L214) February 11, 2021

"No non-compliance or mistreatment observed"

The images, shot on January 4 and in the days that followed, show pigs wading in their excrement, deprived of water, some of which have their paws stuck in the slits of the slats that cover the ground.

The association had already lodged a complaint in early December against this establishment.

It then broadcast a first video which triggered an inspection by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) of Allier, concluding that the operation was "well maintained".

"Either the veterinary inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture need new glasses, or they made the wrong breeding, or they lied", estimates Sébastien Arsac, co-founder of this association which campaigns for the abolition of breeding. .

When questioned, the prefecture of Allier said that its services had carried out a new check on Wednesday morning: "no non-compliance or mistreatment was observed," she said.

An ongoing investigation

“This last check made it possible to confirm that the operator has indeed taken the expected corrective measures which are being deployed (watering equipment being installed, materials that can be handled in part installed, reduced density, replacement of gratings, etc.) ) ”, Detailed the prefecture.

For its part, the Moulins prosecutor's office, which received the complaint from L214, indicated that an investigation, entrusted to the Moulins research brigade, was "in progress".

Herta, who had initially suspended his purchases from this breeding, reversed his decision after the prefecture deemed it compliant.


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