The culture is very moving in the strong taste of the year (our cultural time)

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  Huo Qingyou, the representative inheritor of Yangliuqing woodblock New Year pictures——

  Traditional techniques draw modern style

  Our reporter Zhu Hong

  In the studio of Tianjin Huo Qingyou New Year Painting Museum, a row of newly painted pictures of ladies are vivid.

"Traditional Yangliu Youth paintings rarely paint ladies alone. I created them specifically for the Spring Festival." Huo Qingyou said.

  The Yangliuqing woodblock New Year picture is named after Yangliuqing Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. It was selected as the first batch of national intangible heritage list in 2006. In 2007, Huo Qingyou became the representative inheritor of Yangliuqing Youth Painting.

  "Inheritor with three words is the same responsibility as the mountain." Huo Qingyou said.

The Yangliu Youth Painting was produced in the late Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty. In the heyday of history, "every family will be dyed, and every household will be good for the green."

Today, there are not many people posting New Year pictures, and Huo Qingyou has been thinking about how to bring New Year pictures closer to modern life.

  Traditional Yangliu Youth paintings are roughly divided into dolls, folklore, etc. Huo Qingyou’s paintings of ladies are based on the characters in the traditional New Year painting "Golden Jade Mantang". "The characteristics are distinctive, the lines are simple, and they conform to the aesthetics of young people." Huo Qingyou also created the anti-epidemic theme New Year pictures based on traditional New Year pictures.

  In the production process, Huo Qingyou also tried to innovate, “When coloring, it was difficult to reflect the three-dimensional effect of the main line in the past when the main line was set first and then the color was set. It increases the difficulty of production, because the woodblock New Year pictures are non-marked printing. It is necessary to have a good line board, not biased, and completely rely on the creator's experience.

Hand-painting is a unique post-production process of Yangliuqing youth painting. Huo Qingyou published a hand-painted coloring book. “Parents and children can work together and fill in black and white line drafts. nice."

  In Huo Qingyou's view, the Yangliu Youth Painting conveys people's aesthetic taste and ideals in life.

Times are changing, and people's yearning and pursuit of a better life have not changed.

It is his mission to inherit and innovate New Year pictures well.

  Youth new kinetic energy

  Yao Lan, the representative inheritor of Soviet embroidery born in the 90s

  Fingertip art blooms young

  Photo by our reporter Shen Zhilin

  Near the Spring Festival, the Yao Jianping Embroidery Art Museum in Zhenhu Street, Suzhou High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province is quite lively. Yao Lan, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Suzhou embroidery, is busy entertaining everyone.

"The New Year's gift we designed-the turning of the cow into the universe is very popular." Yao Lan pointed to the golden design samples and said: "Using traditional pan gold embroidery, we are beaming and hope to bring good luck to people."

  Yao Lan grew up in a family of Suzhou embroidery, and his mother Yao Jianping is a national inheritor of Suzhou embroidery.

In recent years, Yao Lan feels that the Su embroidery technique, which makes the whole family proud of, is facing the difficulty of inheriting and developing.

With the support of her mother, Yao Lan insisted on studying art and deepened her understanding of Su embroidery.

  Now, what Yao Lan wants to do is to make Su Embroidery a product that "serves a better life".

"Su Embroidery has been passed on for more than 2,000 years. You shouldn't just stay in the museum. Only by integrating into life can you truly'live'." In early 2018, Yao Lan, together with her university classmate Li Wenbo and sister Yao Zhuo, established a new brand "Yao Embroidery". .

  "Yao Embroidery" focuses on youth and life.

"I want to make Su embroidery products that young people like and can afford." The most popular is a watch with Su embroidery as the dial. "Watches are the carrier of recording time. Su embroidery is the art of condensing time. Consumers wear it. The hand has also become a communicator of intangible cultural heritage." Today, the "Yao Embroidery" team has assembled more than 10 young designers. Su Embroidery jumped out of the picture frame and turned into mobile phone cases, earrings, notebooks, and card holders.

They also designed a lot of Suzhou embroidery teaching courses, allowing more people to get in touch with this skill online and offline.

  "I see the love of young people and the potential of'design' in the development of intangible heritage. This gives us the motivation to continue." Yao Lan is full of confidence, "In the new year, I hope that Su embroidery is precious Our craftsmanship can gain more recognition, and non-genetic inheritance innovation continues to be bullish."

  Spread new channels

  Zhang Hongliang, the representative inheritor of Pingding sand making skills——

  New powder of ancient sandware "touch net" circle

  Our reporter Fu Mingli

  In his studio in Guanzhuang Village, Pingding County, Yangquan City, Shanxi, Zhang Hongliang is shooting a short video of the newly produced "Hundred Years Brilliant Cup".

At the age of 51, he was born in a family of ceramics and is the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage sandstone making skills.

  In most people's eyes, the casserole is just a casserole used to cook medicine and congee.

But Zhang Hongliang felt that in order to let more people see the unique beauty of sandware, innovation must be made.

He improved the key links of raw material formula, molding method, kiln temperature control, etc., developed 7 series of sandware of more than 1,000 varieties, and restored the once lost "thin casserole" firing process.

In recent years, he has tried to combine Shanxi Pingyao's push-light lacquer to make brilliant vases, candy boxes and other works, and also integrate paper-cutting, carved flowers and other elements to improve appearance decoration.

  In order to let young people know more about sandware, from 2019, Zhang Hongliang will show the production process of sandware on the short video platform Kuaishou and spread the culture of sandware.

In less than two years, he released more than 300 short videos, made nearly 70 live broadcasts, and gained more than 80,000 fans.

"Rhythm of rotation", "Language of fire", "Pride of mud"... The name of the video embodies Zhang Hongliang's love for handicraft. "I want more people to see the charm of sandware."

  The ancient sandware also gained more attention and recognition from netizens in the online communication.

Some netizens left a message saying: "Ordinary mud becomes a work of art in the hands of the master, paying tribute to the craftsman!"

  Zhang Hongliang's exploration of letting Pingding sandware "touch the net" is also the epitome of innovative communication channels for rural craftsmen.

It is understood that the Kuaishou "Happy Rural Leaders Program" continues to pay attention to rural entrepreneurs. As of November last year, it has discovered and supported more than 100 rural entrepreneurs, cultivated 57 rural enterprises and cooperatives, and drove more than 10,000 poor households to increase their income. .

  New expression of folklore

  Li Deren, the representative inheritor of Yao folk songs——

  "Village Evening" stage is moving

  Our reporter Shen Zhilin

  "The red story is always eulogized, slip-hey!"

  On the "Village Evening" stage in Shazhou Yao Village, Rucheng County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, Rucheng folk songs (Yao folk songs) were rehearsing. Villagers watching the show gathered around the stage to applaud.

  The folk song of the Yao ethnic group in Rucheng is a form of music formed in the life and work of the local people.

Since the 1990s, Li Deren, who loves to sing, has planned to collect and preserve the original ecology of singing and singing. In his spare time, he often organizes folk song teams to practice.

A few years ago, as a kind of Rucheng folk songs, Rucheng Yao folk songs were included in the intangible cultural heritage of Chenzhou City, and Li Deren became the representative inheritor of Yao folk songs.

  This year, the Public Service Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Public Cultural Development Center and CCTV jointly organized the 2021 national "Village Evening" demonstration event, and Shazhou Village became a branch venue.

Knowing that the county was calling for programs, Li Deren immediately signed up.

How to make good use of the opportunity of showing to the whole country to make folk songs go further?

Li Deren worked hard on form innovation.

"Yao folk songs are usually two people, at most 6 people sing in duet, basically no action." Li Deren said: "This time the stage is very big, if only 6 people stand on the stage, it will be very dull." In order to enhance the expressive power, they put The number of participating players increased to 10, and daily antiphonal scenes such as picking tea and water were added.

He also asked Cao Xia, the vice chairman of the Rucheng County Cultural Center Council, to design a set of movements and teach the players how to perform.

  "Now, our folk songs are not only good, but also beautiful." Seeing the villagers' reaction, the team member Zhu Yulan was very proud.

  "Culture communication also needs to adapt to the needs of the audience." Li Deren said.

It is not only Yao folk songs, but also on the stage of "Village Evening", several folk performances such as She folk songs and dances, and shaking glutinous rice cakes are all eye-catching.

  "When skills are alive and culture is moved, intangible cultural heritage will have stronger vitality." Li Deren said.

  Our reporter Wang Weijian