It is believed that the 5th Division Maritime Security Headquarters was created when a cargo ship collided with a submarine of the Maritime Self-Defense Force off the coast of Kochi Prefecture and three SDF personnel were injured. Announced that the damage was confirmed.

In the future, we plan to proceed with the investigation on suspicion of negligent injury in business.

On the 8th, about 50 km southeast of Cape Ashizuri in Kochi Prefecture, the Maritime Self-Defense Force submarine "Soryu" collided with a cargo ship carrying iron ore, and three SDF personnel on the submarine were slightly injured. It is the one that did.

On the 10th, the 5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Kobe City sent out patrol boats and other equipment to investigate cargo ships moored off the coast of Kobe Port.

As a result, we were able to confirm dents and scratches that were thought to have been made when hitting the area near the bow, which was about 8 to 13 meters below sea level.

In addition, the dents were cracked and seawater was bleeding inside the ship.

The Japan Coast Guard Headquarters plans to proceed with the investigation on the suspicion of accidental injury in business and the risk of accidental traffic in business.