China News Service, Wuhan, February 10 (Liang Ting, Zhang Xiaobo, Xing Juncheng) During the Spring Festival, Hubei Province served a "cultural feast". Under the premise of strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control, it adopted online and offline methods to organize colorful cultural tourism Activities, the province will launch nearly 900 theatrical performances to create a festive atmosphere for the people of "Chinese New Year on the spot".

  Among them, the Peking Opera Theatre of Hubei Province launched "Culture Enters Ten Thousands of Homes·Huanghe Peking Opera Cloud Theater"-2021 Spring Peking Opera Yunshan Performance Season, covering "The Return of the Phoenix", "The Breeze Pavilion", "The Association of Heroes, Borrowing the East Wind, Huarong Road" and "The Ancient City "Meeting", "Zhanmei", "The Drunken Concubine", 25 episodes of wonderful performances including the big drama and small drama series; Hubei Provincial Opera Art Theater, Provincial Opera and Dance Theater, Yangtze River People's Art Theater will continue to develop new types of performing arts during the Spring Festival and strengthen the "line" "Online + offline" integrated development, launched a series of activities such as "New Year's Highlights Show in the Year of the Ox", and "New Year on Clouds" and other activities invited by famous theater and opera artists.

  The Wuhan Municipal Art Theater Troupe organized and carried out "cloud live broadcast", covering opera, children's drama, drama, puppet show, quyi, symphony concerts, and launched "Our Chinese Dream-Culture into Wanjiajia" from the first to seventh "Cloud Appreciation Opera" activities include traditional classic Peking opera "You Long Xi Feng", Han opera "Luo Cheng Writing Books", and modern new Chu opera "Wanli Tea Ceremony", opera "High Mountain Flowing Water", dialect drama "Living to Live Happy", symphony "Beethoven Piano Concerto" and acrobatic "Universal Circus".

  The excellent dramas (festivals) of professional performance groups are performed offline and online, with "New Year's New Year" files, "Chinese Dream and National Quintessence", "Sing and Dance Scenarios", "Stride to the Well-off", "Unforgettable" "Tonight" gala and other forms are in full swing, covering topics such as revolutionary history, patriotism, fighting the epidemic and flooding, innovation and entrepreneurship, and rural revitalization.

  During the Spring Festival, public cultural venues throughout Hubei will strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures such as health monitoring, venue disinfection, and entry and exit registration, while insisting on opening to the outside world.

Libraries and cultural centers across the province will organize painting and calligraphy exhibitions, lectures and other activities, museums at all levels and various types will hold temporary exhibitions, and public art galleries will hold art exhibitions and public education activities to enrich the spiritual and cultural needs of the people.