Actor Yoo-in Yoo and Jung Yoo-mi, known for being close friends, won the Blue Dragon Film Awards jointly and boasted'Best Friend Chemie' to bring out warmth.

At the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony held yesterday (9th), Yoo-in Yoo and Yoomi Jung won the'Popular Star Award' side by side.

First, Yoo-in Yoo, who was called by her name, was congratulated by Lee Byung-hun, and as the successor, Yoo-mi Jung approached the stage and reached out to Yoo-in, Yoo-in joined the hand of Yoo-mi and escorted him to the stage.

MC Kim Hye-su, who saw this, explained that "Yoo Ah-in and Jung Yu-mi are very old best friends in the film industry, as many know," followed by Yoo In, "I'm the first to receive a popularity award in both movies and dramas." I'll work hard, so watch me.”

Jung Yu-mi expressed his feelings with a trembling voice, "It was an unexpected prize and I am so happy to receive it with my favorite friend." Then Yoo In responded, "Isn't it expected," and laughed.

Afterwards, Yumi Jung continued to say "I'm trembling", and Yoo Ah-in, who was next to me, said, "Why are we both doing this?"

Yoo-in Yoo's joke "I don't know", and Jung Yoo-mi said, "I don't know," he said, "Thank you to many people who loved the movie'Gim Ji-young, born in 82."

When the testimony ended, the two went down from the stage while having a conversation outside the microphone. In the following backstage interview, Jung Yu-mi added warmth by promising the next work with Yoo Ah-in, saying, "I will definitely see you next time with the same work as (Yoo Ah-in)." .

(Photo = 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards broadcast screen capture)

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