[New Year Chronicle] "Silver Hair Cram School": Helping the elderly and their children get closer

  [Explanation] On February 10th, when the Spring Festival is approaching, the staff from the Rongjinyuan Community in Yinchuan City, Ningxia went to the area to teach the elderly the use of smartphones, making it easier for them to integrate into the family together. The lives of children.

  [Concurrent] Yang Bo, Member of Rongjinyuan Community, Yinchuan City

  When the Spring Festival is approaching, our community will go deep into the homes of the elderly in the jurisdiction, and then teach the elderly the use of this mobile phone APP, so that the elderly can use this smart phone to better communicate and communicate with their families during the Spring Festival.

  [Explanation] This year is the third year that the Rongjinyuan community has established a mobile tuition class for the elderly. Affected by the epidemic, the “tuition class” has changed from the original start-up tutoring to a visit service model.

Song Jinpeng, the first elder of the family, is a disabled person. His son is busy at work. If he encounters any problems with his mobile phone, he goes to the community for help.

  [Concurrent] Community Resident Song Jinpeng

  I was not familiar with it at first, but later included this social security, and I didn’t know how to check a social security certification.

In our community, the staff in our community helped download it, and later learned to also authenticate (other) elderly people.

  [Explanation] After leaving Song Jinpeng's house, the community staff came to Zhang Zhihong's house carrying spring couplets and window grilles. Because there were very few people coming back at home, Zhang Zhihong was very happy to see the community staff.

  [Live Voice] Auntie, here are two couplets. It will be the Spring Festival soon and I will give it to you.

Thank you, the Spring Festival this year must be very happy, thank you.

  [Commentary] Zhang Zhihong is a veteran party member who only makes video calls on WeChat. She hopes that she can learn to use her mobile phone to show the itinerary code, read and watch news.

  [Concurrent] Sun Fuxia, member of Rongjinyuan Community, Yinchuan City

  Auntie, come here today, it's mainly for the Chinese New Year right away. See which APPs you will use on your phone now?

  [Concurrent] Resident Zhang Zhihong

  Will make a video, post a video, receive a video, and never again.

In particular, I want to learn a verification code, like going to a supermarket to buy things, like sometimes watching the news, checking an epidemic situation, this is not possible.

  [Concurrent] Sun Fuxia, member of Rongjinyuan Community, Yinchuan City

  How is it? I will tell you today. One is that if you want to type the health code, you can download and install the "My Ningxia" software. From this, you can check in the health card every day, and then enter The supermarket is convenient for you to use.

  [Explanation] After 2 hours of patient explanation, Zhang Zhihong finally learned how to use a smartphone to send red envelopes and scan the itinerary code.

Before leaving, Zhang Zhihong sent Sun Fuxia out of the community gate to express his gratitude.

  [Explanation] As the children grow up, parents are also getting older. The Spring Festival is approaching, I hope everyone can spare some time, go home often, and spend more time with the parents who have supported us.

  Yang Di Xie Yu Zhang Xiwen reports from Yinchuan, Ningxia

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]