Although the movie industry was hit by Corona 19, there was overflowing laughter at the filmmaker's festival.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the best films and filmmakers of 2020 were covered at the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards, which was broadcast live through SBS.

The Best Picture was the'Busans of Namsan' who dramatized the 10.26 incident.

After'The Insiders' (2015), CEO Won-kook Kim and Director Woo Min-ho of the production company Hive Media Corp., who once won the award for work, said, "I expected a director award a little, but I couldn't prepare the award at all. Following'The Insiders', I'm with Senior Lee Byung-hun again. He was happy, saying, "I received the Blue Dragon Artwork Award."

He then expressed his gratitude to the cast actors and staff, saying, "I support all actors and officials who are confronting the corona situation."

The Male and Female Leading Actor Awards were awarded to Yoo Ah-in of'No Sound' and La Miran of'Honest Candidate'.

Since the competition was fiercer than in any year, the joy of the award would have been greater.

Yoo Ah-in was greatly applauded for her tribute to her seniors who had a lot of influence on her and for her long awards expressing her love for low-budget movies.

At the end of the testimony, he predicted various work activities with the words "I am ready to be used by anyone anywhere. Take it to your heart's content."

Rami-ran, who started acting as a single role and showed growth and change over 20 years, enjoyed the joy of winning the first nomination for Best Actress.

Ramiran, who expressed amazement at the result by saying "an unbelievable thing has happened," said, "Because we have passed a difficult time last year, I wonder if you could have seen the meaning of even a little laughter in it. The comedy movie in Blue Dragon won an award. I am thrilled," he laughed.

The director's award was won by director Lee, Lee, who directed'To Yoon Hee'.

'To Yoon Hee', which was released in 2019, was a movie that was not greatly appreciated despite its excellent workmanship.

A year has passed since its opening, but at this awards ceremony, he won two awards for the Director and Screenplay and received a spotlight that fits its value.

The Male and Female Supporting Actor Awards were won by Park Jung-min and Lee Som of the Samjin Group English TOEIC Class of'But Save Me from Evil'.

The male and female rookie awards were awarded by Yoo Tae-oh of'Vertigo' and Kang Mal-geum of'Chansil has a lot of corridors'.

Park Jung-min went on the stage and made fans cry with an award in memory of the comedian Park Ji-seon who passed away last year.

In 2020, the Korean film industry ended the era of 100 million viewers in 8 years due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

The movie'Baekdusan', which was released in December 2019, mobilized 8.25 million viewers nationwide and won the honor of the Most Audience Award.

This figure was achieved during a period that was not affected by Corona 19. 

'Samjin Group English TOEIC Class' received a total of three trophies, including the Best Supporting Actress (Isom), the Music Award (Dal Blue), and the Art Award (Bae Jeong-yoon), and was rewarded with the consolation delivered to the audience.  

The Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony, which was held after delaying the schedule due to Corona 19, was a time for filmmakers to forget the shadows of the virus generously in honor of their hard work.

◆ Winner of the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards (work)

▲ Best Film Award ='Directors of Namsan' (production Hive Media Corp, Gemstone Pictures, Director Woo Min-ho)

▲ Director Award = Director

Lee Dae-hyung

('To Yoon Hee')

▲ Best Actress

Award = La Miran

( 'Honest Candidate')

▲ Best Actor

Award = Yoo Ain ('

No Sound')

▲ Supporting Actress Award = Som Lee ('Samjin Group English TOEIC Class')

▲ Supporting Actor Award = Park Jung-min ('But Save Me from Evil')

▲ New Actress Award = Kang Mal-geum ('Chansil has a lot of corridors


▲ New Actor Award =

Yoo Tae-oh ('Vertigo')

▲ New Director Award = Director


Hong ('No Sound')

▲ Screenplay

Award = Dae-Hyung

Lim ('To Yoon Hee')

▲ Technology Award =Jin Jong-hyun ('Baekdusan')

▲ Photographic

lighting award

= Hong


pyo ('But save it from evil')

▲ Music

Award = Dahlpa-ran ('

Samjin Group English TOEIC Class')

▲ Editorial Award = Han Mi-yeon ('Beasts Who Want to Grab a Straw')

▲ Art Award = Bae


-yoon ('Samjin Group English TOEIC Class')

▲ Chung Jung-won Popular Star Award = Yoo


in, Jung Yoo-mi

▲ Chung Jung-won Short Film Award ='Sil' (Director Na-yeon, Cho Min-jae)

▲ Most Audience Award ='

Baek Doo-san


(SBS Entertainment News reporter Ji-hye Kim )