Focus on blind areas of supervision and strengthen system rectification

  Efforts to solve the "defense" problem of air defense

  Enlightenment from the work of promoting the reform of the civil defense system corruption case in Heilongjiang Province

  Civil air defense is an important part of national defense, an important aspect of national economic and social development, and an important content of modern city construction, and is of great significance to national security and economic and social development.

Some unscrupulous businessmen are focusing on the development and utilization of civil air defense projects and unscrupulously "encircling and hunting" cadres, causing civil air defense construction to be drawn by commercial interests, weakening the function of combat readiness, and becoming the worst-hit area of ​​corruption.

The Heilongjiang Civil Air Defense Corruption Case opened the prelude to a nationwide civil air defense system corruption.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attached great importance to it and asked to learn from one another and investigate and rectify the whole system.

The National Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection conscientiously implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping, and urged Heilongjiang and other places to focus on special governance and case-based reforms, setting off an anti-corruption storm in the national civil air defense system. Promoting the return of the civil air defense system to the main responsibility of national defense and security has promoted the healthy development of the economy and society.

Corruption of Heilongjiang Civil Air Defense System

  The civil air defense system corruption case in Heilongjiang Province involves civil air defense system engineering construction, development management, etc., covering various forms such as illegal approval, scalping approval, illegal reduction or exemption, monopoly for profit, embezzlement of private points, and excessive bonuses, which collectively reflect the half-military and half-civilian Under the management system, the civil air defense system has long been "undefended" and has become a regulatory "vacuum zone", causing civil air defense projects related to national defense security to become "corrupt projects."

Mainly manifested in the following four aspects.

  One is to use the construction of civil air defense underground commercial street projects to corrupt.

The civil air defense underground commercial street and other projects have a huge return on investment. Some leading cadres can't help but test their interests. Under the temptation of "favorable conditions" offered by developers, they engage in power-for-money transactions and collude between government and business.

Wu Wei, the former director of the Heilongjiang Civil Air Defense Office, approved more than 40 civil air defense underground commercial street projects in violation of regulations and received 11.3 million yuan in bribes; Xiao Wendong, the former director of the Harbin Civil Air Defense Office, violated the regulations to approve Tongjiang Street, Da'an Street and other underground business street projects, only reselling approval It made a net profit of more than 23 million yuan.

  The second is to use the reduction or exemption of civil air defense projects to relocate construction costs for corruption.

Violation of relevant laws and regulations such as the charging standards for relocation construction fees, reduction and exemption conditions, and prominent problems such as illegal accounting, illegal reduction or exemption, non-collection, "collection for construction", and misappropriation.

As of the end of September 2020, the province’s receivables for relocation construction costs were 2.149 billion yuan, of which 638 million yuan was actually collected, accounting for only 29.7% of the amount receivable, and 1.511 billion yuan was still in arrears.

Wu Wei violated the regulations and changed the underground civil air defense project whose property rights should be owned by the state into an underground commercial street that can handle property rights. This resulted in the failure to pay 176 million yuan of relocation construction fees, causing huge losses to the country.

  The third is to use market corruption in monopolistic civil air defense infrastructure projects.

Enterprises and public institutions or designated enterprises under the civil air defense department monopolize and contract civil air defense infrastructure projects, design, construct, supervise, and inspect by themselves, which breeds a lot of corruption.

Of the 17 underground commercial street projects approved by the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office since 2013, 16 projects were designed by the Civil Air Defense Design Institute of its directly affiliated public institution, which has gained huge profits.

The former chief engineer of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office Wang Moumou opened a plan review company after his retirement, undertook all civil air defense project plan review services approved by the Provincial Civil Defense Office, and gave Wu Wei more than 2 million yuan five times.

  The fourth is corruption in affiliated enterprises that use civil air defense investment management.

Regarding the related enterprises of civil air defense investment management as "money cows" and "tang monk meat", they are engaged in self-facilitating transactions and benefit transfer.

In 2012, Parkway Mall, a subsidiary of Harbin Civil Air Defense Office, leased 7,600 square meters of civil air defense projects to a supermarket at a price significantly lower than the market price, and provided more than 1 million yuan worth of facilities for its use; Harbin Civil Air Defense Office’s clothing city used houses to leak rain. In the name of flat to slope, a storey was added to the original civil air defense project in violation of regulations. Team members and department managers were each allocated a booth; from 2013 to 2016, the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office and its affiliated institutions illegally issued combat readiness duty fees and Cave fee" 4.83 million yuan.

  Corruption and chaos in the civil air defense system are frequent, and the main reasons are as follows.

  One is the ineffective management of the party, and multi-head management has led to the absence of supervision.

The civil air defense management system implements joint military and local management and dual leadership.

The management boundary between the military and the local is not clear, the supervision is not effective, the military department has limited guidance and supervision of the civil air defense department, and the civil air defense department is relatively marginalized in the government department. This leads to the "all control and no matter" supervision blind spot, and the weakening of the party leadership of the civil defense system The problems of lack of party building and ineffective party governance have not been corrected for a long time.

  The second is the weakening of the sense of main responsibility and main business, and commercial interests lead the development and utilization of civil air defense projects.

Due to the long period of peace, some leading cadres of civil air defense departments have misunderstood their ideological understanding, and the combat readiness departments such as communication alarms and emergency rescue are becoming weaker and weaker. Approval of construction is no longer based on combat readiness needs, and commercial projects are approved as the main business. Civil air defense engineering has changed. For commercial projects, the commercial flavor of civil air defense work is getting stronger and stronger, and the military flavor is getting weaker and weaker.

  Third, there are industry barriers in project construction and lack of effective market competition.

Due to the national defense and military nature of civil air defense projects, the traditional administrative examination and approval model is still used for the site selection, project approval, construction, acceptance, and property right identification of civil air defense projects. The market has strong monopoly and the centralized power of top leaders has become the key target of "encirclement hunting."

Leading cadres of the civil air defense system and illegal businessmen have formed a community of interests, and the economy is mutually involved and shared risks, causing serious corruption and quality problems in some civil air defense projects.

  Fourth, the civil air defense legislation is old and lacks rigid constraints.

The Civil Air Defense Law of the People's Republic of China has been implemented for more than 20 years. Some provisions cannot adapt to the new situation and new requirements, and some provisions are too broad and lack operability.

The "Administrative Regulations on the Construction of Air-raid Basements in Combination with Civil Buildings in Heilongjiang Province" have been implemented for 16 years. Some regulations have drawbacks at the specific operational level. For example, if new civil buildings are refused to build air-raid basements, only warnings, orders for construction within a time limit, fines, etc. 3 As a disciplinary measure, the maximum fine is only 100,000 yuan, which is difficult to play a disciplinary role.

  Comprehensive management and prevention at the source, to promote the civil air defense system to clear the source and return to the main business

  The National Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions on civil air defense system corruption, based on functional responsibilities, played the role of supervision and implementation, and promoted development, designated Heilongjiang Province as a key area for special governance, and supervised and urged the actual development of civil air defense systems. Corruption issues were dealt with in a special way, and reforms were promoted by cases.

Heilongjiang Province resolutely assumed the political responsibility for rectification and reform, set up special work teams, formulated special governance work plans, focused on solving outstanding problems such as inadequate inspections and rectification of civil air defense systems in the province, and many historical problems, and comprehensively promoted the governance of civil air defense system corruption.

  ——Inspection and inspection are linked up and down to get clues to the problem in an all-round way.

The discovery and handling of problem clues is a key link in deepening the special governance work, and the strength of starting, supervising and investigating problem clues has been increased.

Heilongjiang Province takes the special governance of the civil air defense system as the focus of inspections, and formulated the "Measures for the Supervision of Special Inspections and Inspections", which requires the three levels of provinces, cities and counties to be consistent, unified time arrangements, unified organization methods, unified work requirements, and focus on key issues of the civil defense system , Concentrate efforts, implement classified policies, carry out precise inspections, carry out special inspections of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office and Harbin and Daqing two key first-class civil air defense cities, organize three second-class civil air defense cities of Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, and Jiamusi to implement cross-over inspections. The city (prefecture) inspection office organizes special inspections in cities, requiring timely reporting of problem clues and strict investigation and punishment of violations of discipline and law.

Through the province’s inspections and inspections, a total of 334 key problem clues in the civil air defense system in terms of project approval and acceptance, relocation construction fee collection, and use of civil air defense projects were found, involving 355 leading cadres, and the problem clues were basically "cleared to the bottom" .

  ——Seriously investigate and handle typical cases and form a situation of punishing high pressure.

Regard investigation and handling of cases as an important part of special governance, thoroughly investigate and deal with key cases and clues of major issues, and insist on investigating and handling typical cases to promote deep-level problem rectification.

The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision comprehensively considered that single-construction civil air defense projects require provincial, municipal, and district approvals, and the fact that a project may involve multiple cadres, took the lead in investigating and prosecuting the corruption case of Wu Wei, the former director of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office, and found that the directors of the civil air defense offices at all levels, The deputy director, middle-level cadres who have the power to approve, supervise, and law enforcement, and the heads of subordinate enterprises and institutions were involved in a large number of cases, and specially issued notifications to urge public officials to voluntarily explain the situation and explain the problems. Many people involved took the initiative to surrender to the case. The economic relationship between the people involved and Wu Wei The problem was quickly investigated.

As of November 2020, 221 corruption cases in the field of civil air defense have been registered in the province, and 302 people have been criticized, educated, helped and dealt with, including 3 cadres at the department and bureau level, 72 cadres at the county and division level, 28 in custody, and 33 transferred to the judiciary.

  —— Carry out centralized rectification and sort out stubborn diseases.

Adhere to targeted efforts, in-depth summary of the characteristics of the law of the case, focus on the construction of underground commercial streets, reduction and exemption of relocation construction fees, civil air defense infrastructure, civil air defense investment management related enterprises and other four corruption prone areas to carry out centralized rectification.

Focusing on issues such as illegal approval, reselling approval documents, and handling property rights in violation of regulations, more than 180 civil air defense underground commercial street projects approved and constructed by the civil air defense system of the province since 2005 have been checked one by one.

In response to the illegal reduction and exemption of construction fees for relocation, and the "collection and construction" of civil air defense projects, we urged that civil air defense projects should be built and the relocation construction costs should be collected. As of September 2020, the province has collected and relocated construction The cost is 638 million yuan.

Focusing on the various links of civil air defense infrastructure projects from design, bidding, construction to supervision and acceptance, the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office is urged to further straighten out the functions of the departments and comprehensively accelerate the reform of civil air defense institutions.

In response to outstanding problems such as illegal low-price rentals, private share of assets, and excessive grants and subsidies, we have comprehensively checked and refunded. As of July 2019, a total of 12.6 million yuan of bonuses, allowances, and subsidies that exceeded the standard and exceeded the scope were collected.

  -Promote the establishment of rules and regulations to plug loopholes and reshape the supervision mechanism for the operation of civil air defense power.

Combining "immediate reforms" with "long-term establishment", in response to the weaknesses of the civil air defense system in terms of institutional cages and restriction mechanisms, suggestions for rectification and reform of civil air defense systems at all levels are put forward to urge the establishment of rules and regulations to solve difficult problems.

Since the launch of the special management, the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has urged the Provincial Civil Defense Office to establish and improve 67 rules and regulations, and the province’s civil defense departments at all levels established and improved 857 systems and mechanisms, and urged the Provincial Civil Defense Office to further rationalize its functions and deepen reforms.

At present, the Provincial Civil Air Defense Design and Research Institute of its affiliated institutions has been merged into the Provincial Construction and Investment Group, and the reform of 6 other institutions including the "Seventy-Three" Project Management Office has been actively promoted.

Include the municipal (prefecture) civil air defense department into the government planning committee and set pre-approval conditions.

The responsibilities of municipal (prefectural) civil air defense quality supervision and county-level civil air defense departments have been unified into the construction department, and the reform of the law enforcement mechanism of civil air defense, urban management, housing construction and other departments has been steadily advanced.

  —— Carry out warning education in a down-to-earth manner and deepen case study.

Insist on interpreting morality, discipline, and law through cases, deeply analyze typical cases that occur around us, and amplify the comprehensive effects of using cases to promote reforms.

Let Wu Wei and Xiao Wendong speak out, analyze system shortcomings, find regulatory loopholes, point out problems in the operation of power, and put forward reform suggestions based on work practices.

Produced the warning education film "Undefended Civil Defense", made full use of the results of Wu Wei, Xiao Wendong and other cases, used the people around them to educate and alert, guide everyone to learn from the case, learn the painful lessons, treat the power in their hands correctly, and consciously Accept the supervision of the organization and the masses.

  The special control of corruption in the civil air defense system has been promoted from point to surface to the whole country, with obvious results

  Under the vigorous promotion of the National Supervisory Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Heilongjiang Civil Air Defense System played a leading role in piloting, leading the country’s 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to carry out in-depth special control of civil air defense system corruption and reforms based on cases, and centralized rectification The civil air defense system has prominent corruption problems, promoted the improvement of the civil air defense system power operation supervision and restriction mechanism, and the "three noes" integrated rectification and governance effects have further highlighted.

  -Corruption and chaos in the civil air defense system have been completely cleaned up.

Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Yunnan and other provinces have included the issue of civil air defense system corruption as an important part of their inspections and conducted special inspections to "look back".

Sichuan Province has comprehensively cleaned up the key areas of the province's civil air defense system, conducted a comprehensive audit and inspection of the collection of relocation construction fees in 120 key civil defense counties in the province, and conducted a comprehensive inspection of 41 designated manufacturers of defense and chemical equipment in the province.

Hebei Province adheres to targeted rectification, focusing on the implementation of centralized rectification of illegal construction projects, equipment procurement bidding, and leasing violations, and in-depth investigation of the corruption behind it.

As of August 2020, a total of 14,049 problem clues have been dealt with nationwide, 8,578 problems have been investigated, and 6,927 people have been dealt with, including 74 prefecture-level officials, 1,119 county-level officials, 343 people transferred to judicial organs, and 7297 rectification suggestions .

  -The civil air defense supervision system has been further improved.

Jiangxi Province has cleaned up 249 local system documents that conflicted with the law, formulated and promulgated the "Jiangxi Province Civil Air Defense Government Service Process Management Measures (Trial)" and other systems, which effectively promoted the open, standardized, and clean operation of the civil air defense system.

The Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision urged governments at all levels and civil air defense departments to abolish 69 regulatory documents, 99 meeting minutes, 19 agreements, 4 contracts, and 2 memorandums that violate the upper law.

Jiangsu Province has introduced targeted systems and regulations around weak links such as the control of relocation construction standards and fee collection, civil air defense engineering bidding, project quality supervision, etc., 12 systems have been introduced at the provincial level, and a total of 150 rules and regulations have been formulated at the city and county levels to clean up Cancel 120 local documents related to the mitigation of violations.

Hebei Province comprehensively cleaned up 457 civil air defense systems related systems, built 306 new rules and regulations, and promoted the continuous improvement of the political ecology through system construction.

  -Promoted the reform of the civil air defense system management system.

Beijing has promoted simplified administration and decentralization of civil air defense systems, strengthened supervision, and urged to carefully sort out the "three lists", and implement "multiple regulations in one", "multiple audits in one" and "joint acceptance".

Zhejiang Province accelerates the reform of enterprises and institutions affiliated to the civil air defense department, insists on the separation of government and enterprise, and separates government affairs. In addition to the needs of national defense and military affairs, the underground commercial streets, hotels and other related enterprises invested and managed by the civil air defense department are separated from the civil air defense department and transferred to the same level State-owned assets supervision and management department.

Sichuan Province listed the main indicators of civil air defense construction in the detailed planning of land and space at all levels, detailed planning for urban construction, and listed the civil air defense department as a member of the planning committee and special committee at the same level.

The civil air defense department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region strengthens cooperation and cooperation with the natural resources, housing construction, planning and other departments, and eliminates the root causes of fewer construction, no civil air defense projects, or underpayment or non-payment of civil air defense relocation construction fees.

  -The development environment of the civil air defense system has improved significantly.

Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui jointly signed the "Agreement on Promoting the Integrated Development of the Civil Air Defense Industry in the Yangtze River Delta Region" to orderly promote the opening of civil air defense engineering design and supervision to Class B-qualified civil air defense engineering design and supervision companies, and promote civil air defense operations Mutual recognition of personnel qualifications forms a unified, open, standardized and orderly civil air defense market system.

Hubei Province has established a system of punishment for untrustworthy entities in the civil air defense industry, improved records of bad behaviors and a "blacklist" system, and created an honest and orderly market environment.

In 2019, Henan Province added 9.425 million square meters of civil air defense engineering construction area, an increase of 16.4% year-on-year, and collected 3.264 billion yuan of relocation construction costs, an increase of 25.2% year-on-year, realizing "both volume growth."

  Work inspiration

  Corruption in the civil air defense system has many historical debts, accumulated problems, complicated causes, and difficult rectification.

To promote civil air defense system reform through cases, we must focus on blind spots in supervision, fill up the shortcomings of supervision, comprehensively deepen reforms, solve in-depth institutional and institutional problems, establish a sound management system with clear functions, clear responsibilities, and equal rights and responsibilities to promote civil air defense Go straight to the source and return to the main business.

  First, focus on blind spots in supervision and prevent marginal corruption.

Civil air defense, meteorology, disease control, surveying and mapping, supply and marketing, and other systems that implement special management systems, if the supervision and restraint cannot keep up, it is easy for the so-called "clear water yamen" to be reduced to the "oil and water department" for corrupt elements to profit and divide.

A series of corruption cases in the civil air defense system have fully exposed the gaps in the blind spots of supervision and the weak areas of management under the military-civilian joint management system.

Carrying out case-based reforms, starting with eliminating blind spots in supervision, comprehensively using various supervision methods such as special inspections, cross inspections, and "carpet-style" supervision and inspections to tear open the "holes"; use modern information technology such as the Internet and big data to discover Issues, carry out problem clues, find the “targets” for prominent problems and key cruxes; improve the supervision system, perfect the supervision system, innovate supervision methods, tighten the “cage” for the shortcomings and weaknesses of supervision, and reverse the past in one fell swoop The situation of zero investigation and punishment of civil air defense system and zero enforcement of disciplines has promoted the expansion of case-driven reform from the local to the whole country, extending from civil air defense to meteorological, disease control, surveying and mapping, supply and marketing systems, forming a point-to-face, comprehensive rectification work situation.

  Second, focus on corruption of top leaders and promote the resolution of systemic problems.

An important reason for the repeated gang-style crimes and systemic corruption in the civil air defense system is that the leader has fallen and became a corrupt "head wolf", which has severely damaged the political ecology.

Corruption cases in the civil air defense system are used to promote reforms. In response to prominent problems discovered in the case, such as excessive concentration of power, unfulfilled responsibilities, and inadequate supervision, we will start with the severe investigation and punishment of the corruption leaders in the civil air defense system, and comprehensively carry out political education, party spirit education, integrity education, and warnings Education, at the same time, explore the implementation of the power list system and responsibility list system for top leaders, improve the lifelong accountability mechanism for improper use of power, increase the intensity of regular exchanges and rotation of top leaders, and promote the improvement of the political ecology of the civil defense system.

  Third, focus on reform problems and promote "punishment" to "good governance." The corruption problem of the civil air defense system reflects the shortcomings, mechanism obstacles and system loopholes of the civil air defense management system. Reform must be adopted to promote reform with cases, improve the governance system, and enhance governance capabilities. In the civil air defense system corruption case, reform is promoted by the case, and reform and risk prevention are important tasks. The civil air defense system is promoted to divide non-core responsibilities into housing construction, emergency management, SASAC and other departments, and strengthen cooperation with natural resources and planning departments. Promote the revision and improvement of civil air defense laws and regulations, comprehensively clean up the "red top intermediary", introduce market competition mechanisms, promote the reform of affiliated enterprises and institutions, and implement institutional innovations to strengthen supervision, governance, and service, and effectively solve the deviation of the civil air defense system from the original intention of combat readiness and deviation from air defense The main business issue is to realize the strategic reorganization and systematic reshaping of the civil air defense system management system. (Zhong Jiyan)