Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, February 9th (Dong Xiangyi) The Spring Festival is the traditional peak season for consumption. In addition to the large number of people on the spot in 2021, it is particularly important to stabilize the price of the "vegetable basket".

What is the price situation during the Spring Festival holiday this year?

How about the guaranteed supply of meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits?

What should consumers do if they encounter illegal price increases by merchants?

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 New year's new situation on the spot, how do prices go?

  "At present, the supply of important livelihood commodities is fully guaranteed, and there is a solid material foundation for ensuring supply and stable prices." The National Development and Reform Commission gave "reassurance."

  From the perspective of supply, the National Development and Reform Commission has guided large and medium-sized cities to effectively organize the production of vegetables, especially fast-growing leafy vegetables and sprouts that many people want to eat during the Spring Festival, and smooth the distribution and transportation of live pigs and related products, and actively connect with foreign sources to ensure festive markets. Sufficient supply.

  In terms of prices, according to inspections by the Ministry of Commerce, the market supply of daily necessities such as rice, noodles, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables, etc. has increased recently, prices have gradually stabilized, and some varieties have shown a downward trend.

From January 25 to 31, the market prices of edible agricultural products in 36 large and medium-sized cities across the country fell by 0.5% from the previous week.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on February 8, the average price of pork in the national agricultural product wholesale market fell by 0.2%; the average price of 28 key monitored vegetables increased by 1.0%; the average price of 6 key monitored fruits decreased by 1.1%.

  As the Spring Festival approaches, vegetable prices have risen to varying degrees in some places. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs emphasized this that vegetable price fluctuations are still dominated by seasonal increases, which are normal price fluctuations during the Spring Festival.

The sown area of ​​winter and spring vegetables nationwide and the average monthly market volume increase steadily, and the market supply is sufficient.

  Wen Bin, the chief researcher of Minsheng Bank, said in an interview with a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei that consumption during the Spring Festival this year can be viewed from two perspectives: First, in the context of advocating in-situ Chinese New Year, the tourism, transportation, and accommodation industries may Bringing a certain impact; second, although China’s overall epidemic prevention and control has been very effective, it is still necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, so some service industries, such as catering, film and television, culture and entertainment, and other industries that involve gatherings of people There will be some impact.

But overall, compared with the same period last year, my country's consumer market will show significant growth.

  Zhao Chenxin, secretary-general and spokesperson of the National Development and Reform Commission, previously stated that the advocacy for local Chinese New Year has a very limited impact on the supply of living materials and energy, because no matter where people are, basic living materials and energy needs are similar.

However, the local Chinese New Year will bring about changes in the regional demand structure.

  Wen Bin believes, "From a structural point of view, there is no problem with people’s livelihood security, so prices will remain stable. At the same time, due to restrictions on offline gathering activities, demand for online entertainment, online shopping, etc. Increase in magnitude."

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 Is there enough meat for the Spring Festival?

  The Spring Festival is approaching every day, and there are more and more times when relatives and friends gather together and eat meat.

Is the pork supply on the table guaranteed?

Is the supply of other livestock and poultry meat sufficient?

  Wang Zuli, an associate researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and chief expert on pig industry monitoring and early warning of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said: “From the perspective of the recovery of pig production capacity, the increase in pork production, and the release of frozen pork from the central reserve, pork supply during the Spring Festival Relatively sufficient, the overall downward trend of pig prices is obvious."

  From the perspective of the central reserve meat supply, 30,000 tons of central reserve frozen pork will be put on the market today (9th), which is the sixth time since 2021, and the cumulative supply during the year will reach 170,000 tons.

  In terms of prices, the price of live pigs continued to decline in early January this year, from about 36.7 yuan per kilogram to about 32 yuan at present; pork prices have also begun to decline, and the wholesale price fell from 47.64 yuan per kilogram, which was the highest in January, to February. 45.30 yuan on the 4th.

  According to reports, according to the law of previous years, the production of broilers, cattle and sheep before the Spring Festival is relatively concentrated, market supply and consumption growth are synchronized, and prices will be stable.

Egg prices have been affected by the prevention and control of the recent new crown pneumonia epidemic. After a short period of two weeks after New Year's Day, the price of eggs has risen, and has recently begun to fall. The wholesale price of eggs has fallen from 10.64 yuan per kilo from the January high to 8.81 yuan on February 4.

  Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs convened an expert consultation and calculated based on factors such as the recovery of live pig production, the number of newborn piglets, and pig feed sales. It is estimated that the number of live pigs from January to February this year will increase by about 25% compared with the same period of the previous year. Drop space.

In addition, the output of poultry eggs, poultry meat, beef and mutton is increasing, and the market supply is guaranteed during the Spring Festival.

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Illegal price increases are beautiful!

Official strike

  During the Spring Festival, consumers encountering illegal price increases, false propaganda, and false discounts will inevitably be disheartened. In this regard, the relevant departments issued a document in advance to fight against violations.

  The General Administration of Market Supervision has recently issued a notice requiring that the price monitoring and supervision of necessities such as daily necessities should be strengthened to meet the basic needs of the people during the New Year.

Strengthen the price monitoring and supervision of daily necessities such as rice noodle oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and fruits.

For those with tight supply and rapid price increase, severely investigate and punish illegal activities such as hoarding, price bidding, price collusion, etc., to ensure market supply and stabilize price order.

  In addition, it is required to strengthen the supervision of online platform sales promotion activities, urge platform companies to standardize clearly marked price behavior, and focus on cracking down on unfair price competition such as false original prices, false propaganda, and false discounts.

Strictly investigate and punish the violation of laws and regulations such as failure to implement government pricing and reduction or exemption policies for scenic spots, and standardize the clearly marked price of scenic spots.

  The China Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder for the 2021 Spring Festival, stating that all kinds of New Year's goods during the Spring Festival Golden Week this year will become the key products for merchants to promote.

Faced with various sales promotion methods of merchants, consumers must keep their eyes open, remain rational, and avoid trapping into “routines” such as false discounts and low-price temptations.

In addition, the current prepaid consumption disputes occur from time to time. When consumers apply for prepaid cards, do not recharge a large amount at one time, try to sign a written contract with the merchant, and carefully review the contract terms.

  What should you pay attention to when you "buy, buy, buy" during the Spring Festival this year, have you got it?

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