Here comes the cold air!

The highest temperature in Beijing will drop to 5℃ today and will slowly pick up tomorrow

  China Weather News Today (February 7), Beijing was affected by the cold air and the temperature was significantly lower. The maximum temperature was only 5℃. The public should pay attention to keeping warm when traveling.

The day after tomorrow, the temperature in Beijing will gradually rise, and the highest temperature the day after tomorrow can rise to 9°C, but the lowest temperature is still below freezing, so you will need to add an extra piece of clothing when you travel sooner or later.

  In the past two days, there was no obvious cold air activity in Beijing, and it was in a warming trend. In addition, the weather was clear, the atmosphere was transparent, the sunshine conditions were good, and the ground temperature rose rapidly.

Among them, yesterday, the highest temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory rose to 16.4°C, breaking the highest record for the same period in early February since the station was established (previously the highest temperature was 16.1°C, which appeared on February 10, 2009).

This morning, the weather in Beijing was slightly cold, and the streets of the Spring Festival became more and more intense.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that today, affected by the cold air, Beijing will usher in a sharp drop in temperature. The highest temperature will be only 5℃. During the day, it will turn from sunny to cloudy. The north will turn to southerly, and the lowest temperature will be -5℃.

The day after tomorrow, Beijing’s weather will be mainly cloudy or sunny, with the highest temperature slowly rising to 9°C, and the lowest temperature between -5°C and -3°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that the weather in Beijing today is mainly sunny, and the maximum temperature will drop to 5°C under the influence of cold air. The public should pay attention to keeping warm when traveling.

In addition, Beijing’s recent precipitation has been scarce and the sky is dry. It is advisable to eat more fruits and vegetables and replenish water frequently. It is also necessary to pay attention to the safety of using fire, electricity and gas.