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Yes, the dance videos Britney Spears posts on Instagram aren't super produced, so what?

The pop star regularly posts footage of her dancing to her favorite songs and this activity has kept her busy and entertained during the year of confinement that has passed.

And when some Internet users find nothing better to do than criticize the quality of its content, the singer invites them - with love - to take care of their buttocks instead!

“I'm trying to learn how to use technology in this bottle-fed generation with it… but to be honest with you, I can't stand it !!!

Britney Spears conceded in an Instagram post, adding a trio of laughing crying emojis.

No hard feelings

"So… If my posts aren't perfect… I'm doing this for fun !!!!

If you think I should dress like I'm going to be on the cover of a magazine when I'm dancing… Sorry, but that won't happen, ”concluded Britney Spears.

That is what is said.


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