[New Year Chronicle] Ding Zhen’s Litang County: How to Catch the "Top Traffic"

  [Concurrent] Tibetan youth Ding Zhen

  Hello everyone, I am Ding Zhen, a Tibetan guy from Litang County, Sichuan Province.

My hometown just got out of poverty last year, and I also found a stable job.

My little horse Pearl and I are in my hometown Litang. We welcome friends to travel. Happy Chinese New Year, Tashi Delek!

  [Commentary] With a short smiling video of "wildness and innocence", Ding Zhen detonated the Internet in mid-November 2020.

A few days later, Litang Tourism Investment Company signed it, and the tourism promotion film was launched quickly.

The operation of social media and short video platforms has made the "Ding Zhen phenomenon" one of the landmark events of China's Internet in 2020.

  Litang is located at the junction of Sichuan, Tibet, and Yunnan, with an altitude of over 4,000 meters and a permanent population of more than 70,000. Snow-capped mountains are straight into the sky, the grasslands are endless, the plateau scenery is excellent, and it is known as the "city of the sky".

After years of development, the once dilapidated and backward county town on the plateau has now been renewed, with traditional Tibetan dwellings scattered and scattered, cafes, restaurants, homestays, and museums.

Wang Bo, a Tibetan guy who returned to his hometown to start a business, opened a "Tibetan dessert shop" on Renkang Ancient Street in Litang.

He said that in the past, tourists only increased during the annual horse racing festival. Since Ding Zhen became popular on the Internet, every month is now a "peak season."

  [Concurrent] Gnai Wangbo, owner of Tibetan dessert shop

  Ninety percent of the tourists who come every day come to see Ding Zhen. During the peak season before Ding Zhen’s fire, my monthly turnover did not exceed 25,000. After passing Ding Zhen fire, my turnover here is different. The popularity of the area has doubled, and it may be more than doubled.

  [Explanation] Nowadays, Litang is becoming more and more well-known by more and more people. Tourists to Litang will visit Ding Zhen himself, visit Ding Zhen’s hometown, or experience Tibetan culture. Because "Ding Zhen Element" embarked on a journey.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Ms. He

  There are so many things about Ding Zhen that impress us, such as innocence, clarity, and his original good life. In fact, these can be reasons everyone likes, but I think Ding Zhen’s path is not limited to this. He still has a long way to go.

  [Explanation] Zhang Xi, chairman of Litang County State-owned Assets Group Corporation, said that Litang is an important town in the tea-horse interchange city on the southern Sichuan-Tibet line. The culture is naturally inclusive. In recent years, the infrastructure such as transportation, network, and electricity has become more and more perfect. Cultural creator, so Ding Zhen's popularity is accidental and inevitable.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Xi, Chairman of Litang State-owned Assets Group Corporation

  It must be that Litang is making preparations and making preparations all the time. During the whole (preparation) process, Litang already has a piece of soil suitable for tourism and cultural creators.

Occasionally (Ding Zhen) is really the "son of the Chosen", Ding Zhen's smile, his smile makes everyone feel happy, his appearance represents the unity of most people's aesthetic concepts, so it creates everyone's recognition of him .

  [Explanation] After Ding Zhen became popular, he did not frequently go to the hole to "harvest traffic". Instead, he learned Chinese, literature and art, and horsemanship under local arrangements, and started his work as an image ambassador for cultural tourism in Litang County.

As a company leader and "cultural teacher", Gao Xiaoping hopes that Ding Zhen will remain honest while learning more skills and knowledge, and know how to analyze and choose in future life, and embark on the development path he likes.

  [Concurrent] Gao Xiaoping, Deputy General Manager of Litang County Cultural Tourism and Sports Investment Development Co., Ltd.

  Using the traffic of (Ding Zhen) to be able to positively promote the culture and tourism of Litang, I think it is actually a worthy thing.

(Ding Zhen) He needs time to stabilize his learning so that he can know his choice in the future (in) society and choose the path he wants.

  Reporting by reporter Lu Yang from Ganzi, Sichuan

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]