Recently, the traffic police in Liuzhou, Guangxi punished a couple who posted videos of driving without a license in Moments.

According to the circle of friends, on January 20, Li and his wife set off from Luocheng to Sun Village via Shankun Expressway. During this period, his wife Li, who did not have a driver’s license, drove on the highway for dozens of minutes, and her husband Chen took a video. .

Li posted the video on Moments and showed off driving without a license.

  After the police investigation, Li was fined 1,500 yuan, because Li was not detained while he was breastfeeding.

Chen gave the motor vehicle to a person who did not obtain a motor vehicle driver's license to drive, and was fined 200 yuan and the motor vehicle driver's license was revoked.

(Meng Mingming Liu Shuo edited Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]