Since it seems that men receive infertility treatment less often than women, Yokohama City distributes videos to men that introduce treatment methods.

The cost of infertility treatment can be high, and the government will aim to expand insurance coverage from the 4th year of Reiwa and expand the subsidy system as a measure to realize it.

However, according to the city of Yokohama, about half of couples suffering from infertility are said to be caused by men, but it seems that there are still fewer cases of treatment than women, and last year, the city decided on treatment for men. The number of applications for grants was only 25.

For this reason, the city is distributing videos to let people know about fertility treatment for men.

The video is published on the city's homepage and YouTube, and doctors at Yokohama City University Medical Center, who are familiar with male infertility, explain the causes of infertility, examination methods, and treatment methods in an easy-to-understand manner.

The city says, "There is still a misunderstanding that infertility treatment belongs to women, and there may be circumstances where it is difficult for men to consult. I would like men to pay attention to infertility treatment by referring to the video."