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February 3, 2021

Zendaya is very happy to participate in "Dune"

Zendaya will star in the new adaptation of


, directed by Denis Villeneuve, and the actress is thrilled to participate in this project.

Asked about this by Stephen Colbert, during the

Late Show

, she expressed her excitement.

“I can't wait, like everyone else.

I can't wait to see it, ”explained the Fremen Chani interpreter.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait a bit, the film's release being postponed to October 1st.

To take their troubles patiently, fans can always reread the saga of Frank Herbert ... or see the strange adaptation of David Lynch!

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The blended family life goes well between the Paltrows and the Martins

The blended family life can be difficult at times, but at Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin everything seems to be rolling!

As a source reveals to


, the Coldplay singer and his sweetheart, Dakota Johnson, who now live together, go for lunch every Sunday at the house of the

Shakespeare in Love


 and her husband Brad Falchuk.

“It's clear that everyone gets along well,” the source told the magazine.

Good news at last !


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