Comedian Bae Sung-jin's daughter Bae Bae-jin publicly protested that the EBS'Real Theater', which appeared in 2016, broadcast content that is not true through deliberate editing.

On the 31st of last month, Bae Bae Jin said, "There is something I definitely wanted to clarify. I took a picture of my dad going on a trip to Vietnam through EBS'Real Theater Happiness' in 2016 with my dad. Even though she was a woman, she made it look awkward."

Recalling the time, Bae Bae-jin said, "PD-nim said,'Don't make friends with Dad,' and'Walk while looking at your phone separately.'

I asked for the back. I did 100% of the devil's editing. I thought I couldn't believe the broadcast. I fought my dad for the first time through this broadcast. The shout of'dangerous' came out as a shouting at my dad." Exposed.

Bae Bae-jin also released KakaoTalk messages exchanged with the author in charge at the time.

In this KakaoTalk message, Bae Bae-jin said, "I was disappointed with the PD," and the author admitted to the devil's editing, saying, "The main author did not intend to do that, but the PD edited it stimulatingly for the audience rating."

The content Bae Bae Jin wanted to clarify wasn't just the broadcast.

He added that he wants to correct Bae Sung’s child support expenses as well.

Previously,'Goose Dad' Bae Sung mentioned in a broadcast that he sent huge child support expenses of 35 million won per month to his three children and his ex-wife studying abroad in the United States before divorcing his ex-wife in 2013.

For this reason, his ex-wife and Bae Bae-jin have been criticized by many netizens.

Regarding this, Bae Bae-jin emphasized, "I once said that my dad exaggerated it because it was a broadcast and sent child support, but it is not true."

He said, "It hurts that people who don't know how my mother raised the three of us blame her. Our three siblings went to public so there was no tuition. I asked my dad and said it wasn't 35 million won. My father, a celebrity, cursed people. I couldn't say everything in the meantime because I was afraid to eat it, but now I want to correct it.”

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)