China News Online, February 3 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) The registered users exceeded 8 million, and more than 20,000 films and television works were published... The website of the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" and the client "Cool Up".

The picture shows a screenshot of the client software.

Software screenshot

  At a press conference held by the Shanghai police on the 3rd, Lu Minwei, a police officer in the Spokesperson’s Office of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, revealed that the Shanghai police had gone through three months of meticulous investigations, and with the vigorous cooperation of the police in Shandong, Hubei, and Guangxi, they detected this. The National Copyright Administration, the National Anti-pornography Office, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Supreme Procuratorate jointly supervised the “9.8” extraordinarily large trans-provincial copyright infringement case of film and television works, arrested 14 criminal suspects headed by Liang, and investigated and dealt with the company 3 At home, 20 mobile phones and 12 computer hosts and servers were seized for the crime, involving more than 16 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

The reporter learned from the Shanghai police on the 3rd that the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group", which has more than 8 million registered users and published more than 20,000 films and television works, was recently destroyed by the Shanghai police for infringing on the copyright of film and television works.

Software screenshot

  In September 2020, the Shanghai police discovered during their work that someone provided online viewing and offline download of suspected infringing film and television works through the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" website and client.

After contacting the relevant copyright owner, the above-mentioned film and television works have not obtained the authorization or permission of the copyright owner.

In this regard, the Economic Investigation Headquarters of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau conducted investigations in conjunction with the Hongkou Public Security Bureau.

  Using two QR codes for payment of members on the website and the client and payment of peripheral products as a breakthrough, the police locked up Liang and Cong in Shandong, and Wang in Hubei, and quickly found out the entire crime. The organization structure of the gang.

  After investigation, since 2018, the criminal suspect Liang and others have established multiple companies to set up and rent servers at home and abroad, develop, operate, and maintain the "Renren Film and Television Subtitle Group" APP and related websites.

  Without the authorization of the copyright owner, download and obtain the source of the film through the website of overseas pirate forums, hire someone to translate and compress the film at a remuneration of about 400 yuan/part (set), upload it to the APP server and disseminate it to the public through the collection website Membership fees, advertising fees, and the sale of mobile hard drives for recording infringing film and television works illegally make profits.

Preliminary verification shows that more than 20,000 film and television works (sets) have been published in the application software of each port, and the number of registered members is more than 8 million.

  At present, the police have taken criminal coercive measures against the above-mentioned suspects in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation. (Finish)