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Kanye West is not having a good time.

As the press announced his divorce from Kim Kardashian, he is under two new complaints from his employees.

Technicians and artists who worked on his Sunday Masses are claiming their due.

According to Page Six, the complaints were filed last summer against the rapper.

We thus discover that a hairdresser has filed a complaint for not having been paid the legal minimum and is claiming payment for her overtime.

A dancer, who files a complaint for the same facts, adds that he was not allowed to take a lunch break or go to the bathroom.

According to Page Six, one of the lawyers, Frank Kim, represents more than 500 artists employed by Kanye West, while the firm Harris & Ruble represents the interests of 300 technicians.


These complaints come on top of a third one dating back to 2019, also filed by Ye employees, who had worked on his opera,



They too claim to have been paid late (when they were), and after several reminders, and complain about the working conditions.

In addition, the creator of Yeezy must manage another ongoing business, this time filed by the firm MyChannel Inc., which worked on the technological aspect of the rapper's Sunday Service.

In their complaint, they claim that Kanye West did not pay for six months of work in addition to stealing the technology developed for his Sunday masses.

2021 promises to be complicated for Kanye West.


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