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Real estate culture and "Dubai Rest"

Ismail Al Hammadi

02 Feb 2021

My previous years of work and my more than 22 years of experience in the sectors of establishing companies, real estate development, business development and projects, which I was able to collect through career progression in a group of government jobs, all the way to my entry into the private sector through the real estate portal, which gave me a wide space for direct interaction with different categories and segments. Of people, with different social classes, backgrounds and cultures from which they descend, and with different classifications, whether they are real estate owners or willing to buy or invest.

“(Dubai Rest) provides information on projects through a database of reports, data and statistics.”

I looked closely at each category and the perspective of each category of the real estate sector, and found that there is a big gap for many of them in understanding this field, whether it comes to the side of the activists in it or from the dealers side of buyers and investors.

The gap lies in the lack of real estate culture and real estate awareness, especially in terms of dealing with different real estate ads, especially the tempting ones, as you find many drifting behind these ads, motivated by the fact that they liked the offer, while they do not care to reveal other points that may not serve their interest. , And it may be a reason to strike a losing deal in the first place.

All this is due to their lack of awareness of the current and future events of the market, and their complete lack of familiarity with the real estate laws that regulate the market to guarantee their rights in the future. They look at the advertising offer through its external appearance, the value of the first payment, and the attractive announced price, without looking and focusing on the spaces (is this price Commensurate with the area I need), the location of the real estate unit, the method of payments, the value of the property and the resulting total amounts after purchase, including fees.

Here, I advise everyone and everyone looking to buy a real estate unit: Do not be overwhelmed by colorful real estate offers with various types of flowery words, carefully chosen photographic and design angles, check the site, confirm payments, check service fees and registration fees, check views, spaces and designs, make sure of Everything tangible in the property corresponds to your needs, and do not forget to verify the date of registration of the project, the expected delivery date according to the RERA system, and follow up the stages of completion and implementation of the project, and everything related to it by inquiring about the status of a real estate project through the "Dubai Rest" system.

You can find all the information about your project using this program through a database of reports, data and open statistics about the various projects in the emirate, as if the "Dubai Rest" program was designed specifically to uncover the hidden about Dubai real estate projects.

You can also use it as a user to generate initial information about the project you want to buy in, and the real estate market in general.

In short, the "Dubai Rest" program represents 50% of the knowledge base and real estate culture that we seek to circulate among individuals, and the other 50% remains hostage to research and the use of real estate consultancy services from reliable and specialized consultants in the field.

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