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As soon as he regained his freedom, Kodak Black hastened to donate large sums to good works.

$ 150,000 in five days, assured his lawyer Bradford Cohen in an Instagram post devoted to the controversy raised by the release of his client.

Indeed, the rapper, who was serving a 46-month sentence, is part, like Lil Wayne, of the long list of people pardoned or whose sentence was commuted by Donald Trump in the last hours of his presidential term.

And before this fateful decision, Kodak Black had promised to donate no less than a million dollars to works within the year if he was pardoned in a tweet since deleted.

A deletion which obviously raised criticism, pushing the artist's lawyer to some welcome explanations.

Bad languages

In his post, Bradford Cohen claims to have made the decision to delete this tweet himself because he considered it "inappropriate" to promise something for a pardon.

Finally, the lawyer wished to recall the sincere generosity of his client.

“Instead of rescuing our ears on how much a young black man gave to works, why not take a look at the amounts donated by the writers of these articles.

Last week, Kodak pledged $ 100,000 to create a scholarship in honor of Meadow Polack (the victim of the Parkland shooting), and $ 50,000 before that to the Barstool fund to help small businesses, "wrote Bradford Cohen.

We can therefore assume that Kodak Black will continue its momentum until donating the million dollars initially promised… and that Internet users will be there to do the accounts.


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