An Emirati photographer who chose the fashion world

Fatima Al-Hashemi: The audience "My third eye"

  • Fatima Al-Hashemi: The recipe for excellence and success lies in patience and patience.


It seems that the most prominent characteristic of the style of the young Emirati photographer Fatima Al-Hashemi is her apparent departure from repetition, stereotypes and traditional ideas in presenting her various photographic works in which she headed to a delicate and difficult field in which competition increases day after day, which is the field of fashion and fashion with all the daily adventures this world carries. Risky as a budding photographer, who within a short period of time has steadfastly posed for herself, putting her own style and contrasting footprint into the field.

But Fatima, who is always keen to develop her skills in the field of photography, puts her sights on learning more of his complex techniques, taking advantage of the comments that she receives constantly from her followers and her audience on social media platforms, stressing that the audience represents for her a "third eye". By exploring many angles, then working on them and developing them to present professional works of art capable of a game of competition and surprise.

Comments «Unexpected»

In her meeting with Emirates Today, Emirati Fatima Al-Hashemi revealed the beginning of her attachment to the hobby of photography three years ago, in parallel with her involvement in university life to study finance and banking. At the time, Al-Hashemi felt the need for a hobby to occupy herself and reflect part of her personality with it. , So that it would be the perfect bridge to communicate with people around her «It was never in my mind to engage in this field, except that I discovered a coincidence of my passion for the hobby of photography, so I directly acquired a new camera, and I began photographing my friends, close people and some of those around me, before I chose to specialize in The world of fashion photography, fashion and portraits in general, ”adding,“ I did not initially have in-depth knowledge of photography techniques, nor how to use lighting techniques in a way that serves the image and highlights its aesthetics, so I liked learning these new techniques by joining one of the training workshops for beginners, which was set up by The well-known Emirati photographer Abdullah Al-Hashemi, and with time, I joined the professional studio team, which opened in the capital Abu Dhabi about six months ago.

Honorable model

Fatima's enthusiasm for the hobby of photography and her desire to know her secrets and principles prompted her to pay more attention to the field, and to go later to the worlds of fashion, the field in which Fatima discovered over time her attachment to it, and her apparent ability to deal with his own circumstances and challenges, so she mastered with the passage of time the knowledgeable and sophisticated approach with Fashion models, and creating the best conditions for them to take the most beautiful pictures, stressing that the recipe for excellence and success for her lies in her great ability to patience and patience, and her dedication to performing her work optimally, which Fatima constantly adds to her interest in all the details of her new profession to ensure the elements of success in the field.

As for the challenges she faced during her involvement in the field, Al-Hashemi succeeded in overcoming them, thanks to her ability to continually learn from others, benefit from her mistakes, and listen to fashion makers to understand their messages and highlight them through an innovative photographic vision that expresses their intentions and philosophy in fashion, saying, “I have not been exposed to much. One of the challenges in the field, but I witnessed some difficulties in dealing with some demanding dealers and looking for the finest details. However, this matter, although it was difficult to understand at the beginning, has posed a serious challenge for me. ”Fatima continues that this challenge“ contributed greatly to In my push to learn and quickly adapt to the requirements of this difficult field, in which I have been engaged with passion and determination to develop my knowledge and permanent learning from others, and I think I am fortunate in this matter with the support that I receive permanently from my family and the environment around me, and from the Emirati society in its various groups, which sees in The Emirati girl (pictured) is a model worthy of appreciation and respect ».

multiple options

Regarding the privacy of her photographic work and its features, Fatima Al-Hashemi emphasized that the most common characteristic that most of her dealers agree upon is her ability to create new ideas and concepts different from the photography sessions, and to devise renewed "themes" for each working session, in a manner suitable for each designer and each group, and with the privacy of each A model deals with her, noting that “each photographer has his own way and style of using angles and the quality of lighting and appropriate backgrounds, and I think that this is important and difficult at the same time, and it needs a constant ability to innovate and innovate and devote appropriate concepts to each piece.

Praise be to God, most of those I deal with notice that I am constantly able to deal calmly with all members of the team. They also find me adept at editing photos using Photoshop, which allows for multiple and endless options in providing images and using them in multiple fields.

Time Management

Despite her success in the field of photography, and her specialization in the field of fashion and fashion photography, Fatima Al-Hashemi is proud of her banking work, which she practices full time in addition to the hobby of photography, after her graduation last year from the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies, and her work in one of the main banks in the country , Considering time management the basis of success and excellence, by saying, "Although I work on a full-time system, I have succeeded in organizing my daily schedule, and I am devoted to my hobby of photography on weekends, or after the end of my official shift during the weekdays."

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