Actor Park Eun-seok, who was caught up in the controversy over the rut of pet animals, reassured fans.

On the morning of the 27th, Park Eun-seok posted a post entitled'Sorry for causing concern' in her fan cafe'Eun Stone Age'.

In this article, Park Eun-seok was lucky to say, "During a busy schedule, there are too many things to be attacked because of this controversy, right now? It's curious and tingly that this happens to me."

He then apologized to the fans, saying, "We apologize for worrying about our Eun-suk residents of the Eun Stone Age," and said, "Our kids are growing well. Don't worry too much as we're going to go out today for an official explanation."

Previously, in the online community, the post left by Mr. A, who claimed to be Park Eun-seok's college alumni, was controversial.

Mr. A said about Park Eun-seok in college, "When I asked what happened because (the beagle I was raising) was changed to a small dog, I changed it because my girlfriend didn't like it." Exposed.

He pointed out, "I remember feeling lonely in the hallway when I entered the shooting of the owner at the filming site," he pointed out, "I can never understand anyone who sends or throws away pets because it is difficult to exchange or raise pets."

Mr. A also said, "When I came out of the penthouse, I changed my beagle to a small dog because my girlfriend didn't like it, and the classmate who was talking inadvertently said that he had two cats and a three-month-old dog on a one-person household program." He added, "I really don't want the performance to love animals. I hate people who handle animals or use them for image management."

In the revelation of Mr. A, Park Eun-seok said, "I am embarrassed to this situation where I have to clarify the false remarks of a person who does not know the real name of the alumni (?). "He announced that the official position of the agency level will be announced soon.

Park Eun-seok appeared on MBC's'I Live Alone' broadcasted on the 22nd, and collected topics by revealing the daily life of raising a three-month-old golden retriever'Molly' and sphinx cats'Mohae' and'Mohany'.

However, after the broadcast, A's article, called a university alumni, spread online, causing controversy.

In addition, similar suspicions have been raised among fans who have watched Park Eun-seok for a long time.

In the meantime, Park Eun-seok has revealed on social media that he raises a poodle lodge, a large dog Daisy, two other cats other than Mohae and Mohany, and a hedgehog.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)