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January 27, 2021

The Spice Girls will be celebrating their 25th birthday

Twenty-five years ago



, the Spice Girls' debut album,


the hit 



While the world is still shrouded in uncertainty from the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems hard to hope for a tour of the legendary girl band to celebrate, but Mel C assures us: in a way that another, this anniversary will be celebrated.

“It's in our plans, since we made the dates in 2019, I only want to do concerts with them.

Obviously, this is not something that will happen this year.

(…) But we really want to celebrate this anniversary.

It's crazy, when you think about it, ”Sporty Spice told Billboard.

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Selena Gomez congratulates Billie Eilish on "Vanity Fair" cover

Selena Gomez loved the

Vanity Fair


Billie Eilish posed on, and for good reason: the youth idol wore makeup from her Rare Beauty range, which she created!

“Billie Eilish wears Rare Beauty makeup on the cover of

Vanity Fair


In truth, I fart a bit of a cable, ”she posted in her Instagram Story, noted by Billboard.

Rare Beauty is a line of makeup that is guaranteed cruelty-free, vegan, and certified by PETA.


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