Francine Christophe, "the child of the camps": putting words on the unspeakable

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Francine Christophe publishes "l'Enfant des camps" by Grasset editions.

© Photo credit: 39-45: The children's war a film by Julien Johan and Michèle Durren written with the collaboration of Manon Pignot (c) Cie des Phares & Balises / Réseau Canopé

By: Pascal Paradou

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July 1942, Francine Christophe is 9 years old, she is arrested with her mother by the Gestapo.

They go from prison to prison, then will be deported two years later to the Bergen-Belsen camp.

On her return, she tries to tell about the cold, the hunger, the disease, the beatings, the rotting corpses, the fear ... She cannot do it.

Today the words resurface. 



Francine Christophe

, author, poet and woman of letters, born in Paris in 1933. She was deported at the age of 11 to the Bergen-Belsen camp with her mother.

Today, she testifies regularly in middle and high schools.

She publishes 

"l'Enfant des camps", published by Grasset. 


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