On January 27, Youku’s "Winter Holiday" comedy track added joyous elements. "Taobao "Laughs and Wins this Year" 2021 (Youku & Zhejiang Satellite TV) Comedy Spring Festival Gala" officially announced the first batch of stars, Li Xueqin, Pan Changjiang, Song Xiaobao, Tian Comedy stars such as Baby, Yang Shulin, Yadan, Zhu Shimao, etc. will join together, and more familiar comedy faces will be unveiled in the coming days.

The party will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku and Zhejiang Satellite TV at 19:30 on New Year's Eve (February 10), and will join hands with comedy content such as the winter vacation file "Country Love 13" and Deyun Society Crosstalk, bringing more laughter to users .

  This is the first self-made comedy Spring Festival Gala in Youku's history, and it is also another innovation after the Double Eleven "Cat Night".

From the star lineup to the content of the program, from the stage design to the production team, this evening party is fully prepared to create an overall feeling of surprise and gradually form the brand value.

  Comedy Spring Festival Gala is a collection of various art forms such as cross talk, sketches, talk shows, etc. The performers include both comedy veterans who have appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala all year round, and comedy stars who have recently been active online and offline.

More importantly, almost all of them came up with a new arrangement of programs, bringing a different kind of joke.

The party will also invite stars such as Liu Qian and Yin Xiaotian to present magic, songs, street dance and other shows across the border with comedy.

  No matter what kind of comedy performance, it is naturally characterized by strong interaction.

The comedy Spring Festival Gala fully amplifies this feeling in the stage design, creating an immersive experience.

Users can have a strong sense of participation and enjoy the show like visiting a temple fair.

In order to achieve the best results, the production teams from Youku and Zhejiang Satellite TV have carried out preparations for several months, and once again joined forces after successfully cooperating with "Maowan".

  "Laugh and win this year, you will win in a year." This is the slogan of the comedy Spring Festival Gala, and it is also a sincere blessing.

Under the epidemic, everyone needs more laughter to dispel the haze and live calmly.

During the special period of the "winter vacation" that spanned a month, Youku produced the strongest content rehearsal tape in history, and especially increased its investment in the comedy track.

  During the Spring Festival, Youku will soon launch three major comedy content.

The national horizontal drama "Country Love" series has allowed users to form a viewing habit of "seeing hometown love during the Spring Festival".

The cross talk of Deyun Club is also a reserved program on Youku and will not be absent this year.

Together with the comedy Spring Festival Gala, they will hold up the comedy track.

In addition, the variety show "Ace vs. Ace", "Happy Comedian", the online movie "The Need for Sesame Official", "Hing Feng Zuo Lang 3" and massive funny short video content will make everyone laugh.