Louise Perette on her bed which has become her workplace.


Louise Perette

  • A Strasbourg student living in Metz, Louise Perette, like many people, finds it difficult to have to follow her courses at a distance.

  • “Being alone at home didn't bother me at all at first.

    But by force, the thoughts are linked.

    I experienced a lot of insomnia, questioning about the future… ”, she explains.

  • To try to get better and also show what her life as a “ghost student” looks like, she has been posting videos on YouTube since the beginning of December.

“Student life is easy, isn't it?

Stay in bed, warm, at home.

Nothing's easier.

But this day you see, I live it in loop.

This is how Louise Perette begins her video posted on Youtube on January 20th.

For five minutes, the 25-year-old girl shows what her daily life looks like as a student who takes distance education.

Most of the time in bed and looking at his screen where lessons are linked.

“From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, with one hour between noon and two to eat,” explains the master's student in human resources at the Eucléa Business School in Strasbourg.

A city where she could not even move in, the fault of the October reconfinement and this Covid-19.

"I had three weeks in face-to-face after our return to school at the beginning of October but the school quickly told us that we were going to retire so I kept my apartment in Metz", explains the one who had just completed a DUT there. marketing techniques.

She imagined discovering a new environment, new comrades etc.

Nothing of that.

“It must also be said that I no longer go out like I did when I was 18 and that many of my friends have left the Moselle.

I find myself a little alone here and in Strasbourg, I haven't really had the time to sympathize with someone, ”she explains, still without complaint.

"I don't want to victimize myself"

This is not the subject of her video, which she posted under the pseudonym "Lighting Lou".

His tone is measured, calm, never catastrophic.

“I am not in financial precariousness and know that some live in much worse situations than me, but that is not why I should minimize my suffering.

I don't want to victimize myself or attract pity, just show what has become of my life as a ghost student.


This changed "at the end of the first confinement".

“There is a rupture which did not help anything and I felt like diving even though I had lived the period rather well.

Being alone at home didn't bother me at all at first.

But by force, the thoughts are linked.

I experienced a lot of insomnia, questioning the future… ”

"I tried everything a bit"

Consultations with a psychologist were not enough.

For several months, Louise Perette has been on "antidepressants and anxiolytics".

A treatment that she tries to accompany with activities.

“I tried everything, reading, sport, cooking… But that didn't allow me to take my mind off things.

“Hence the videos, which started in early December.

She talks as well about her quest for Christmas presents, as about her tattoo or this daily life "as in a bad dream".

“I set myself the goal of one video per week, it forces me to do something and it allows me to clear my head.

In addition, I had a lot of feedback from other students who thanked me because they said they were going through the same thing.

I was happy but also sad to see that, ”summarizes the young girl from the Meuse.

Before quickly specifying: “I don't want to make a career on YouTube, eh!


Rather find a student life a little more normal.

“I would finally like to get an internship, return to face-to-face lessons, move to Strasbourg… There, we have no deadline, nothing.

I feel like I'm in a cage.



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