Mexican stabs her husband because he saw her pictures!

A Mexican woman stabbed her husband several times until he died after she thought that he had deceived her and that he was having a relationship with another woman, in the city of Kagame, Mexico, as reported by the British newspaper "The Sun".

The newspaper added that the wife saw her husband inspecting pictures, so she thought that he was in the company of another woman, but the shock was when it turned out that these pictures were of her and not of another woman, as it was taken several years ago before her weight increased.

The husband tried to take the knife from her, and explain the fact that these pictures belong to them when they were more young and thin, but his attempts were unsuccessful and he was stabbed several separate times in his body.

The incident was heard by the neighbors, who immediately called the police after hearing the sounds of screaming and quarrels, and the husband was transferred to the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

The local authorities arrested the wife, who admitted to stabbing her husband with a knife, after discovering several pictures on his mobile phone, but later discovered that she had photographed her.