Smart pouch for the cigarette butt

Source: Cj Roxas Perez

Sometimes I envy my partner for the ease with which he can leave the apartment.

Quickly put on my jacket and shoes and I'm off to the door, while I'm still walking aimlessly through the apartment and throwing my belongings into my handbag.

So while I'm still fiddling around in the apartment, he passes the time in front of the door by smoking a cigarette.

When he's finished and I've finally made it out of the house, he dutifully picks up the cigarette butt and carries it around with him until we pass the nearest trash can.

Sometimes he sticks the stub between his shoelaces when we're on our bike in a small hole in his handlebars.

At such moments he mumbles to himself that he needs something in which to stow his cigarette waste.


I finally discovered this something on Instagram.

A Dutch start-up advertises on the platform with a mini handbag that can hold up to 20 cigarette butts.

The pouch is made of aluminum and PVC and should keep cigarettes safe and odor-free, as it says on the website.

Not only the company idea, but also the name of the start-up is clever: Aspakkie - a combination of the Dutch words “ash” and “little pocket” that sounds almost like the word for ashtray (Asbak).

The company offers the containers in two colors: a black version, called “Blackbelt”, which is said to represent the favorite color of the Amsterdam fashion scene;

and a version in orange under the title "Flying Dutchie", the color of the royal family and representative of the Netherlands.

So for my birthday my friend got an Aspakkie.

He was happy - and so was I.

In this way he can keep the environment from his cigarette butts and I am no longer the only person who is busy looking for their handbag before leaving the apartment.

Adapts to the Amsterdam fashion scene: The portable ashtray from Aspakkie

Source: Cj Roxas Perez


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