China News Service, Hong Kong, January 25 (Reporter Wang Jiacheng) The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government issued a notice at 3:21 am on the 25th, stating that Jordan specified that the mandatory inspection operation in "restricted areas" would end at midnight on that day.

During the operation, about 7,000 residents were tested and 13 confirmed cases have been found. The confirmed persons and their close contacts have been sent to the isolation center or hospital for treatment.

  The SAR government stated that the original goal was to complete the relevant actions in about 48 hours to achieve the goal of “to fight the epidemic together and the community to'zero out”'. The residents under inspection, the staff of the relevant departments and the inspection contractor will work together. The operation ended early at midnight on January 25.

  The announcement continued that the government set up 51 temporary sampling points in the "restricted area" on January 23.

During the period, the government provided a variety of foods to the inspected persons, including instant noodles, pasta, canned food, etc., a total of 6,500 food packs, 13,000 cup noodles, about 15,600 fruits, etc., as well as masks, cleaning supplies, and rubs. Hand sanitizer and other materials to assist people under inspection in fighting the epidemic.

  The Hong Kong Transport Department also announced at 4 o'clock in the morning on the 25th that the temporary traffic and transportation arrangements made in response to "restricted areas" had ended.

The relevant sections of Shanghai Street have been reopened to traffic, and the relevant sections of Beihai Street, Saigon Street, Ningbo Street, Reclamation Street and Temple Street are gradually reopening to traffic.

Related bus routes will resume their original routes on the first bus in the morning.

  The Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department also stated on the 24th that it would work with stall owners to conduct deep cleaning and disinfection from 6 am to 9 am on the 25th.

During the period, the FEHD will carry out deep cleansing and disinfection of the common areas and facilities of the Yau Ma Tei Market and the Reclamation Street Cooked Food Hawker Market, and will conduct deep cleansing and disinfection of the public areas and facilities of the relevant markets and hawker markets, as well as the Reclamation Street and Temple Street hawkers. Special cleaning operations in the stall area.

If all goes well, the relevant facilities will be reopened at 9 am after the completion of deep cleaning and disinfection.