On Monday, January 25, it became known that stand-up comedian and actor Alexander Chaliapin had died in Moscow at the age of 42.

The artist's body was discovered by his wife.

According to media reports, the comedian committed suicide.

According to the site 5-tv.ru, Chaliapin's death occurred 10-12 hours before the discovery of the body.

According to the director of the artist Maria Malyakina, her ward suffered from prolonged depression and tried to cope with alcohol addiction.

“He was depressed, his wife confirmed everything.

We have not communicated with him for a long time.

Recently he was in rehabilitation, was being treated for alcoholism.

I went out on Thursday, came home and did not recover, ”Malyakina told Zvezda TV channel.

The director emphasized that Chaliapin had been in a depressed state since the spring of 2020 - then his concerts were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It's just a general decline, he thought everything was bad, and because of the coronavirus, too,” she added. 

The fact that the comedian had psychological problems was confirmed to the TV channel "360" by the actor Karen Arutyunov.

“He's an artist in the first place, and his main activity is performances, he was the host of corporate events.

Since all this at the beginning of the pandemic stopped abruptly, it was not clear how the market would go in this regard.

Of course, he began to drive ... Plus, being locked up, within four walls, when the quarantine was, a person can start drinking and worry.

He was not allowed to drink, but in the end he snapped, ”said the actor.

Arutyunov added that Chaliapin voluntarily went to the clinic, and his colleagues were waiting for the artist to return in January to continue working.

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According to a friend of the deceased, club promoter Andreas, Alexander Chaliapin suffered from alcohol addiction for more than one year.

“He had a rather stormy youth, he himself spoke about it.

He had drugs and alcohol, and so on.

These are all echoes from there, this youth, he had problems with alcohol.

He was put in the clinic several times.

I think he lost a lot of work because of this illness, he was removed from the main stand-up on TNT, which gave him the main popularity, "said the promoter.

He also noted that "everything was heading towards this."

Other acquaintances of the artist commented on the incident.

So, actress Ekaterina Volkova, in a conversation with RT, said that she was on Chaliapin's show and was very impressed with his talent.

“We have not known each other for long, but of course I am shocked by today's news.

He was an extremely talented young comedian, an artist ... Insanely funny, with very strong energy ... There are no such things, probably.

I express my condolences to my wife, child, friends, ”Volkova stressed.

Stand-up comedian Denis Kosyakov, in an interview with Newinform, called the incident terrible news.

“This is the way of the stand-up comedian.

Sooner or later, everything becomes unfunny for you, ”said Kosyakov.

Stand-up artist Ilya Sobolev expressed his attitude to the death of Chaliapin on Instagram.

"Take care of yourself.

Fight for your life.

Keep your hands up.

If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it.

Sanya, you were a great comedian, ”noted Sobolev.

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Chaliapin's fans express their condolences to the artist's relatives on his social networks.

“Anastasia, I really hope that you have a psychotherapist nearby.

It is important!

You need strength, and a lot, but now the main thing is a specialist who will help, ”one of the Instagram users turns to the wife of the deceased.

“Charismatic, very energetic.

It's a pity ... Let everything turn out as you want in another life, ”they add in the comments.

Actor and Caveman

Russian actor and stand-up comedian Alexander Chaliapin was born in Lyubertsy on May 6, 1979.

His artistic talent began to manifest itself in childhood, while participating in school amateur performances.

Chaliapin's love for humor and public speaking went with him through life: he often gathered friends around him and entertained them with funny stories.

After school, Alexander Shalyapin studied at the acting department of the Samara State Academy of Culture and Art.

In those same years, he began performing in KVN.

Chaliapin first came to prominence in the mid-2000s, when he made his film debut with a small role in Pyotr Buslov's film Boomer: The Second Film.

In subsequent years, the artist appeared in about 30 film and television projects.

Among them are such films as "President's Vacation", "Univer.

New hostel "," Women against men "," Beetles "," All at once "and many others. 

Since 2010, Alexander Shalyapin began performing in the stand-up genre.

From 2012 to 2014, he was a regular participant in the popular TV project Stand Up. 

Since 2016, the artist has also collaborated with Teatr.doc.

He played one of the roles in Actors, which is a cross between stand-up and traditional drama theater.   

For many years, Alexander Chaliapin worked as a host of entertainment events.

He also tried his hand at television and radio broadcasts.

In 2011, he won the Alternative Parody nomination at the Big Difference international festival of parodies and humor.