Video .. Amr Diab's twins after an absence on stage

Egyptian singer Amr Diab received his twins Kenzi and Abdullah during his concert, which was held the day before yesterday in Dubai.

Social media circulated a video clip showing Amr Diab's twins, many years after his children were absent from appearing with him on stage with his artistic concerts.

The two brothers were on stage while the artist sang the song "By God, What Was On My Mind, O Hui", which was part of the album "Qamarine", which he released in 1999, and they interacted together with their father.

Amr Diab posted on his personal account on the social networking site "Instagram" a video clip showing him accompanying his twins at one of his old concerts and attached it to a recent snapshot of their attendance at his last concerts that were held the day before yesterday, where he commented on the clip saying, "Their ages are different, but my love for them is one."

It is noteworthy that "Diab" presented more than one song to his twins, such as releasing the song "Kenzi" in 2003.