Several dozen pubs and restaurants have defied the tough lockdown rules in the Czech Republic.

They opened their doors to guests on Saturday, although food is only allowed to be offered to take away.

The police carried out more checks nationwide and initiated several proceedings for administrative offenses.

The hosts of two popular excursion restaurants in Prague and Olomouc took part in the protest.

They followed a call from the citizens' initiative "Chcipl pes" (The dog died) - the name is an allusion to the government's pes (dog) corona warning level system.

The highest of the five risk levels currently applies.

"The virus is smarter than the government and does what it wants anyway," criticized the organizers.

"We have to return to normal."

Many didn't dare to do it


Hundreds of restaurants had announced their participation on the Internet, but most of them backed off, as the Czech news agency CTK found in spot checks.

There is a risk of severe fines.

The restaurants in the Czech Republic have been closed since mid-October with a short break during Advent.

Any easing is currently not in sight.

The corona emergency was last extended to mid-February.

On Saturday, the authorities reported 8,423 new infections within 24 hours.

There have been 933,361 confirmed cases and 15,270 deaths in the Czech Republic since the start of the pandemic.

The Czech Republic has around 10.7 million inhabitants.