The Lille Faculty of Medicine offers video training on vaccination against Covid-19 for caregivers in its region.

Objective: to be able to support and reassure patients in the face of their doubts about the injection, with scientific and clear answers on the vaccination process. 

70 million French people vaccinated by the end of August, this is the objective that the government sets itself.

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Saturday that France had reached the milestone of one million people vaccinated against Covid-19.

Faced with this effort, the nursing staff must keep pace, while reassuring the most skeptical patients.

To enlighten and support, the Faculty of Medicine of Lille offers video training on vaccination for professionals in the region. 

These video modules are more than a refresher course for physicians.

They are also a way to educate their patients about the virus and vaccination.

And thus counter the false information and the rumors which circulate in particular on the social networks.

"In medicine, there is nothing worse than doubt," explains Professor Marc Lambert, responsible for continuing education at the Lille medical school.

"The goal of this training is to pose things with the idea that our nursing colleagues have the means to answer the questions and perhaps even the hesitations of our fellow citizens about vaccination."

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Reassure patients with scientific answers

The training is aimed at general practitioners, pharmacists and nurses, who should soon be involved in the vaccination campaign.

The objective is to give them practical and scientifically validated answers to the doubts of their patients, which are sometimes disarming. 

"Let's put ourselves in our grandmother's shoes. She's going to go see her doctor and ask him, 'Doctor, what should I do?'

Our colleagues must have information on the vaccination process, "continues Marc Lambert, citing fears of fever or other side effects as an example.


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Necessary educational tools, according to the professor.

"We still have a lot of French people to vaccinate. Everyone will certainly have to get started at one time or another in the year 2021," he says.

The French now mostly seem to adhere to the vaccine, notes Marc Lambert.

An additional reason not to dispense with teaching.