A 58-year-old survived in the Australian outback for more than two weeks by feeding on wild mushrooms and water from a dam.

Robert Weber disappeared in the hinterland north of Brisbane 18 days ago and was found on Sunday morning, the Queensland police said.

He was taken to a hospital, but "safe and well".

Weber left his hotel in Kilkivan City on January 6 and was never seen again.

The first findings indicated that the 58-year-old was stuck with his car on an unfamiliar street, the police said.

"He stayed in his car with his dog for three days before he ran out of water."

A dam brought the drinking water

Weber then went on foot and got lost.

When he got to a dam, he stayed there.

He lived on dam water and mushrooms.

He slept on the floor.


A week-long search and rescue operation after Weber was reportedly unsuccessful.

He was finally found on Sunday by a local property owner.

According to the police, Weber's dog remained missing.