To encourage men to take childcare leave, the government has put together a draft amendment to the law that includes the ability to take four weeks of leave in two separate steps within eight weeks of childbirth.

Regarding childcare leave for men, the government has set a goal of increasing the percentage of employees taking childcare leave to 30% by 2025, but in 2019 it was only 7.48%.

For this reason, we have put together an amendment to the relevant law in an attempt to create an environment where men can easily take childcare leave immediately after childbirth, which places a particularly heavy burden on women.

In the amendment, in addition to making it possible to take four weeks of leave in two parts within eight weeks after the child is born, the deadline for applying for childcare leave, which was up to one month ago, is in principle. It is said that it will be shortened by two weeks ago.

In addition, in order to create an employment environment that makes it easy for companies to take childcare leave, we require employees to be informed of the system, and we also require large companies to disclose the rate of taking childcare leave.

The government will submit an amendment to the current Diet and aim to pass it.